Loft Art Room/Home Office for Creatives

Art room and home office for creatives
This art room / home office for creatives transforms an underused loft into a space that offers everything you need to satisfy your inventive urges.

Get Inspired with Lofty Ideas from this Combination Art Room and Home Office for Creatives!

Don't get bogged down by dark or cramped spaces. Free up your creative thinking process with a home office like this one designed to let the creative juices flow! Custom built-ins provide the best functionality for your art room while maximizing available space in the home's loft. These art room built-in storage units are the key that makes this home office perfect for any creative worker. Neutral white storage doesn't compete with mood boards and other color-intense projects. All storage units in this example are designed to take advantage of varying ceiling heights. They tuck neatly under the slanted ceiling of the loft without sacrificing space or appearance. The 14 to 24-inch depth was determined by the owner's projects and typical needs for each section of the storage.

Whether you need a place for paint and canvases, blueprints, photography equipment, crafting supplies, or computer accessories, this art room has it! Run your software on the comfortable built-in computer desk with overhead cabinets, LED lighting, and built-in charging station for USB devices. Keep your paints, pastels, and pencils in the cabinets and shelves on the opposing wall. Set up your easel in front of the even, north-facing light available at the window. Then find room for in-progress canvases and larger drawings in the vertical storage or pull-out drying racks behind you along the opposite wall. There's even a nook for a drafting table if you need to sketch it out by hand.

Construction, materials, and accessories used in this project:

Art Room & Home Office for Creatives Details & Close-ups:

Computer graphics work station with custom storage
The custom desk with built-in storage functions as a complete computer graphics station.
Upper cabinets with task lighting system
This area of the art room and home office for creatives features task lighting under the upper cabinets to illuminate the computer graphics station below.
Built-in wall unit for storing art supplies and canvases.
Built-in wall unit for storing art supplies and canvases.

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