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Feb 18 2019

bathroom with walk in closet

Bathroom with Walk In Closet or Walk Through Closet to Bathroom?

Which is Better When You Must Have a Tandem Bathroom & Closet Arrangement? Master bedroom floor plans where the closet and bathroom are arranged so that you must walk through one to get to the other are on the rise. Whether it is better to walk through the master closet to get to the bathroom, or place the closet first and walk through it to get to the bathroom is a hotly debated topic among new home buyers.

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Feb 11 2019

basement laundry room ideas

Basement Laundry Rooms

Storage Ideas for Laundry Rooms: Even if your laundry room is located in a basement, a well thought out design of the space can make the time spent doing wash pleasant, if not downright enjoyable. Closet Works recently completed makeovers for two basement laundry rooms. Each presented it's own unique challenges, but there were also similarities. There are specific design principles that can overcome the typical basement obstacles. Problems such as uneven floors and walls, pipes and ductwork that obstruct access, lack of light, and excess moisture can be overcome through good storage design — leading to bright and cheery basement laundry room spaces.

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Feb 4 2019

working from home office ideas

How to Design a Home Office to Maximize Productivity

Working from Home Office Ideas: Technologies such as more powerful laptop computers and cloud computing have allowed many companies to offer employees the convenience of working from home at least on occasion. This doesn't meean they want you to return a few work related phone calls while doing your laundry. Employees with a work-from-home benefit are expected to perform with the same level of productivity as though they were in the office. One key to maximizing your productivity involves optimizing the physical space where you will perform the work.

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Jan 28 2019

open closets ideas

Trends in Home Storage Design for 2019 Include Open Closets Without Doors

Open Closets Ideas: Homeowners throughout the United States are embracing the idea of a closet space without doors. Open closets banish doors (and often the walls themselves) in favor of a highly organized system of built-in shelves, doors, baskets and drawers. Open closets tie in with the current trend towards open floor plans throughout the home. To pull off this look, however, you must have a very organized closet.

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Jan 21 2019

basement closet remodel idea

Small House Closet Renovation Idea: Create a New Basement Closet as an Inexpensive Master Bedroom Addition

New Master Closet in the Basement — Case Study: Many homeowners would love to have a giant bonus-room style closet for their master bedroom. Unfortunately, most small or older homes simply don't offer closets in this size. You could add on. However, a lower cost alternative to a home addition is building a new, extra large, dressing room style closet in the basement of the house.

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Jan 17 2019

basement pantry/root cellar

Closet Works Wins Super Service Award for 2018!

Angie's List Award Speaks for Great Customer Service: Thanks to excellent customer reviews and top ratings on Angie's List, Closet Works has won its 11th consecutive Super Service Award — an honorable badge to ensure customers that they are working with a top-notch company that puts customer satisfaction first.

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Jan 14 2019

basement pantry/root cellar

Redefining the Root Cellar: All Purpose Pantry Underground

A Pantry Solution for Small Kitchens — Case Study: Many homeowners would like to have a walk-in pantry, but their kitchens simply don't have enough space to build one. However, owning a modest home with a tight kitchen does not have to end any hope of having a dream pantry. A little creative thinking can target other places in the home where a pantry might fit. A back hall, mudroom, or laundry room are all places that might be able to handle a bit of additional storage. If none of those spaces will work, think about utilizing the the basement as in this example from one of our recent customers.

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Jan 7 2019

built in closet desks

Desks in Closets Can Make a Perfect & Private Home Office

Create a Quiet Office Nook Away From Houshold Chaos in Your Closet: Whether you are planning a closet to office conversion or giving your space dual functionality with a built in closet desk, desks in closets offer surprising advantages.

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