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Easy Ways to Add Personal Style to the Home

Your home should be as personal to you as your wardrobe and it should be a reflection of your style and your way of life. Nothing makes a building feel more like home than the addition of your unique, personal style. Your style should be reflected in your choice of furnishings, color selections and accessories to start.

The days of purchasing your bedroom suite or other furniture right off the showroom floor are over. Many manufacturers are offering options that allow an individual to make choices and to step away from the cookie cutter mentality.

Looking to make a big change but the budget won't allow? Even small steps can make a big difference in staking a personality claim on your domain.

Educated, savvy buyers are now looking for unique elements to reflect their personal style and mark a space as their own.

    5 Easy, Inexpensive Changes That Can Instantly Personalize Your Home:

  1. Color

    Color is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to personalize your home. Nothing else adds as much distinct personalization to a room as color. The way you combine your favorite hues is as individual as you are.

    • Paint: Realators may tell you to stick to neutrals for resale and nix the personalization when it comes time to sell. A good way to "have your cake and eat it too," per se, is to keep your furniture uphostered in neutrals and put the color on the wall. Paint is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add a splash of color. It can be a DIY project as well, making it the least expensive way to update a room. Paint is easy to change if your tastes change or you want to sell your home, whereas upholstery is a more difficult and pricey update.
    • Pillows: If you are determined not to paint, an alternative way to spread some color around is to pile on some colorful pillows or throws. Inexpensive and easy to make yourself, pillows in your favorite hues can add a fresh and lively look with a lot of personal impact, but are easy to change later on. A colorful bedspread or comforter can serve a similar purpose liven up a bedroom as well.
    • Rugs: Strategically placed accent rugs can quickly add personalization to an otherwise bland space. Available in many colors, patterns and price points, a rug can transform the entire feeling of a room. Small rugs can be layered over larger ones. Layering works especially well when a space is carpeted in wall to wall boring, bland color carpeting. The smaller rug can also serve to define an area of a room for a specific use, such as a dining area that is part of a larger great room.
  2. Pattern

    Mix patterns for a personal, eclectic look. Patterned furniture and accessories can often comingle for a personalized look. Many people think combining patterns is hard, but if you follow a few simple rules, success is certain.

    • Choose one print to dominate, and the other as an accent.
    • Look for patterns with different scale that are in the same color family — a small paisley with a large bold floral for example.
    • Use the exact same pattern but either reverse the colors or change the scale.
    • Combine a geometric, stripe or a plaid with a floral in the same colors.
    • Mix the texture of the fabric in your prints.
  3. Be Unpredictable in Furnishings

    Furnish your home in ways that suit you and your lifestyle, but most people might not expect. Furniture and accessories don't need to be used for their original purpose or exactly the way they are shown in the store.

    • Intentional Mismatching: Consider pairing a different size chest of drawers as a alternative solution to identical night stands on either side of the bed. Try mixing old, vintage pieces with new ones. Carry this mismatch idea into other rooms of the home as well and don't let all of your furnishings be part of a "matching suite."
    • Repurpose: Consider using objects for a different purpose than they were originally created. For example, try using a vintage cake stand or china platter as a container to group and display personal items. These personal items can be simple mementos, jewelry, or more practical accessories like attractive moisturizer and makeup bottles that you use everyday. Likewise, an antique mannequin from a dress shop is great for displaying modern jewelry.
  4. Change Out Your Hardware

    Take risks with items such as hardware and don't be afraid to blend different eras to make a statement.

    • Think of handles and knobs as sculptural accessories for home the same way you might use a piece of art. The hardware is the jewelry for your cabinets so it should stand out. Handles and knobs don't necessarily need to be the same. Consider a modern pull with a knob from a more transitional era. Switching hardware on your existing pieces is not only easy but very cost effective for an instant look. This simple design idea can reflect your own personal style and bring a new life to your kitchen, bath and even custom closet.
  5. Replace Your Kitchen Backsplash

    For the kitchen, swap out the backsplash with the one that you have always wanted. Drama does not need to cost a ton. Find a texture that really compliments your personal taste. Try something new.

    • How about weathered barn wood for an old world feel.
    • Stainless steel can be a real industrial show stopper for a more modern feel.

No matter your taste, simple changes can transform a space and make it uniquely yours.

Closet Works is Chicagolands' largest and most experienced provider of custom storage solutions. Since 1987, we have been helping homeowners by creating custom closets, pantries, bookcases and more to help create a better, less stessful lifestyle. Great ideas to "Organize Your Life" and examples of our custom closets ideas and other organization ideas can be found throughout our website. For more information on Closet Works call toll-free at 800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738).

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walk-in closet with crystal knobs on cabinets
The hardware is the jewelry for your cabinets so it should stand out. Changing stock handles and knobs to more unique ones can change the whole feeling of a room and add a level of personalization to the space.
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Sleeping porch converted to dressing room
Repurposing something old for a new use that fits contemporary lifestyles is a sure fire way to add personal style to a space. This stately old home on Chicago's lakefront had an old fashioned sleeping porch across the back of the building. Intended to ensure a comfortable night's rest by catching breezes off Lake Michigan in an era before air conditioning, the old porch saw little use in recent years. The homeowners decided to repurpose the entire space as a custom dressing room/closet, adding a modern function to an outdated room. This also solved the closet crunch in their historic home. The dressing room was accessorized with repurposed antiques like the old mannequin which now serves as necklace holder and valet pole. The Portabella ivory finish on the custom closet components is neutral enough to blend with many styles.
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dressing room with brightly painted walls and accessories against white closet system
The color pallete of this brightly painted dressing room transfers a fun, youthful feeling to the space and fits the personality of its owner. The pink chandelier, brilliant turquoise side table and wallpaper offer a bold accent against the intense chartreuse walls and ceiling. All of the built in closet components were kept in a classic white laminate finish as a soothing contrast to the blazing color used throughout the rest of the space. The paint and accessories will be easy to change if the tastes of the young lady change as she gets older or if the room is assigned to a sibling. The white closet components can stay as this classic finish goes with anything.
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