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The Benefits of Adjustable Closet Systems

The Best Closet Designs Strike a Balance Between the Latest Closet Trends & Lasting Value

With today's busy lifestyles and increased prosperity, people are accumulating more stuff and they have less time to deal with it. Everyone has a desire to be more organized, gaining a sense of control and peace of mind. We look for inventive solutions to give us more time and erase the clutter.

So many homeowners have discovered the unique benefits of having their home storage spaces customized that it can be considered a permanent trend in modern homebuilding and design. People enjoy the added space and order that these systems bring to their lives. The benefits reaped from personal organization are well documented and considered to be a worthwhile investment. Today's saavy homeowners are willing to take the plunge into custom closets and other personalized organization systems, but demand the best value for their money.

The best closet designs are adjustable. This means that rods, shelves, baskets, drawers and other closet accessories can be easily moved by the homeowner. This ensures that your closet organization system is a lasting investment that can adapt to changing needs and times.

Closet Organizers can be adjusted as child grows

Today the trend for closets is high style with upscale finishes, LED lighting, elaborate trim and highly personalized closet spaces. Master suites often include large walk-in closets. These closets are being designed to replace most dresser and armoire units in the bedroom through the use of closet islands and custom built ins. Even small reach-in closets are being remodeled to include storage with drawers, shelves and built in hampers. This adds value to the system and ultimately, the home. These high-end closets are often built in rich wood-grain laminates that are virtually indistinguishable from real wood with crown moulding plus decorative doors and drawer fronts. Organizing accessories such as drawer inserts are added for jewelry and lingerie. Closet islands are installed in the center of large walk-ins and may have granite, marble or solid surface tops. They often feature a chandelier or unique light fixture centered above.

Even though these elaborate closet systems may have been originally created as the homeowners dream closet, it is still important to include flexibility in the final closet design. Peoples' needs and wants change over time. That funky wallpaper installed behind the closet shelves may be trendy and appear to be just the thing when you first put it in, but it will be a bear to change if tastes change later on. Homes also tend to change hands. If you want a closet that will last rather than one that will eventually need to be torn down and replaced, it is important to embrace the concept of the adjustable closet system.

Adjustable Closet System Features

An adjustable closet system is one where the rods, shelves, drawers and other organizational accessories can be moved around. A closet that uses fully bored panels with pre-drilled holes that allow you to move shelves or other components quickly and easily will have the most adjustability. However, closets with selectively bored panels, i.e. panels where the only holes drilled are for components currently in use, can still be made adjustable with a little extra effort.

adjustable closet system with fully bored panel
The fully bored panel pictured here comes with numerous small holes and allows for maximum adjustability for rods, shelves and accessories.
Adjustable closet system with fully bored panel
The selectively bored panel does not have any visible holes, because holes are only drilled to support for the current position of the rod, shelf, etc.

fast cap used to cover holes on panel of adjustable closet system
Fast Caps are small, circular pieces of laminate used to cover holes in closet panels. They come on long strips, with an adhesive on one side and laminate that matches the closet system on the other.
Many people prefer a closet with selectively bored panels due to the cleaner, more custom look associated with not having a bunch of visible holes along your closet walls. If you need to move a rod or shelf later on, however, you will need to drill new holes. This entails a little extra work than needed for a fully bored panel where the holes are already present and evenly spaced, plus some skill with hand tools. The old holes can either be left alone, filled, or covered using a Fast Cap.

Adjustable closet shelf
Closets with fully bored panels are the easiest ones to make changes on. Need space for more folded clothing? Add a shelf. Need additional closet rods for long hang garments? Move up a rod currently used for shorter garments.

Accessorizing your closet is a must in order to receive the full benefit of owning a custom closet system. There are hampers, pull-out mirrors and baskets, fold out ironing boards, closet safes and more. These are some of the items that are most likely to need to be adjustabile. For example, a closet system designed for a child is likely to be heavy on pull-out baskets that can hold small toys and have its closet rods located closer to the floor than an adult closet. As a teen or adult, the owner of the same closet may choose to swap out some of the baskets for a telescoping tie or scarf rack and a valet pole. The clothing rods will need to be raised to accommodate larger garments. The best closet design will be able to accommodate these changing needs.

Closet designing is a skill. A wardrobe inventory sheet that spells out everything that needs to be stored on the closet can help drive the design. A good design will function for your needs today and adapt as your needs change in the future. While there may be several designs for a space, there are fewer good designs that will work for full functionality for the homeowner. Make your closet one that will last.