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Advantages of Rotating Closets

The evidence is overwhelming. Overall, rotating closets require less space but will hold more than other types of closet organization systems. They add convenience because everything they hold is easily accessible. They are a great solution when space is tight or for those who have a lot to store.

The Many Benefits, Types and Uses of Rotating Closets — Including Revolving Shoe Racks & Spinning Closet Organizers

A quirk of vintage Chicago area buildings is that they often feature non-standard closets. Constructed in sizes that would be considered impractical by modern standards and needs, it can tsake some creative thinking to make these closets work for today's homeowners.

One type of "odd" closet commonly seen in the Chicago area is about four feet deep and approximately equal width. Referred to the spelunker's special or cave closet by This Old House, these closets are too deep to be considered a reach-in closet, but not deep enough to make a practical walk-in for clothing. This type of closet space can present a challenge when it is the only hanging clothes storage available for the bedroom. A common solution is a tandem arrangement where two rods are placed one in front of the other with enough separation to accommodate hangers on both closet rods. Out of season clothing is usually hung on the back rod with currently used clothing in front. This gives the closet the functionality of a reach-in closet. The problem with this set up, however, is that inevitably, most people will want to wear something stored in the back rod during its "off-season" — especially in Chicago where temerature fluctuations and extreme weather are common.

Solves the "cave closet" problem

A better solution to the "spelunker's special" is a rotating closet system. Branded as a 360 Organizer® or Lazy Lee®, this type of closet can be spun around — revealing hanging, shelving or some combination of these on each of the four sides. It functions similar to a giant lazy Susan for your closet. Rotating closets can even be customized with drawers to provide storage for lingerie and smaller items. The ability to rotate your closet at will eliminates the need to switch your clothes seasonally, making all items available at all times. The backs and fronts can be used for hanging or drawers, while the sides are usually devoted to shoe storage. Some units are optimized with shoe shelves on all sides, allowing the organized storage of up to 200 pairs of footwear.

Double Hang model of the 360 Organizer FS roating closet
This rotating closet demonstrates how to hang eight feet of clothing on a rod when only 42 linear inches are available.

Like a Lazy Susan, revolving closets eliminate dead space in corners.

Not only does a rotating closet work for these small but deep, awkward, vintage closets — a rotating closet unit works perfectly for maximizing storage potential in corners. Available with cabinets specifically designed for corner use, a spinning closet organizer will eliminate any dead space and make full use of every inch of square footage for storage. Another advantage is that nothing will ever get lost in the back of the closet.

revolving shoe rack in corner of closet
This rotating shelving system for shoes maximizes the amount of footwear that can be stored in the corner of the closet.

Revolving closets take the place of traditional closets and require less space.

Rotating closets can also be used to provide storage in rooms that don't have any other closet. When outfitted with drawers, a rotating closet can replace both the traditional closet for hanging storage and the traditional dresser for drawer storage. They fit neatly into a corner and take up very little room.

revolving closets take the place of traditional closets and require less space
This rotating closet offers hang space, shelves and drawers. What more could you need?

The 360 Organizer® and other rotating closets can resemble fine furniture or craftsman style built-ins.

Adding cabinet doors to your closet is an option that can make the spinning closet organizer resemble a fine piece of furniture or American Craftsman Style built-in. They are sized to easily accept standard closet accessories like pull-outs, bottle and spice racks, drawers and closet lighting systems. A closet lighting system takes it one step further, making the closet into a work of art to display favorite possessions or simply to provide enough light to see what is in there.

revolving closets can feature doors for use in rooms without standard closets
These rotating pantry closets have been customized with glass panel cabinet doors and interior lighting furthering the built-in look.

Rotating Closets Can Be Used In Rooms Throughout the Home, Office or Garage

Kitchens and pantries are a common area that benefit from a rotating closet. Small cans and jars are easily lost in the back of traditional kitchen cabinets or pantry closets. With a rotating closet system in place, stored dry food items are stored in the front of the shelf, keeping everything visible so that fewer ingredients expire, thus eliminating waste. There is also less bending and reaching when the items you need can be quickly turned to the front for easy access.

revolving closets are perfect for the pantry
Rotating shelving can be used for food storage just like any other kitchen cabinet.

Rotating closets will maximize every inch of storage available in your space. They are a good solution for certain types of awkward spaces, especially the "cave closet" and difficult to access corners of other storage spaces. A revolving shoe rack or other type of spinning closet organizer eliminates a lot of the reaching, bending and stretching required to access items stored in other types of closet systems, benefiting those with limited mobility. All items are stored in the front of the shelf so that nothing gets lost in the back, eliminating waste and potentially saving the owner money. They are available in a wide range of configurations, and fit into many room types. Doors, drawers and lighting systems can be added to further the functionality and appearance of the rotating closet, making them a wise choice for many applications.

This closet has two 360 Organizers® installed. See them in action when you watch the video.