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Get the Ultimate Bathroom Shelving

Stuck with a lot of extra toilet paper? You know the grocery stores aren't accepting returns. But don't worry. You'll use it eventually. All you need is this excellent rotating bathroom shelving to store your surplus supplies until they're required.

Introducing Bathroom Shelving that Conveniently Rotates a Full 360°

Did you rush out to the store to stock up on toilet paper, only to find yourself buried under all those extra rolls after the COVID-19 outbreak? Never fear. Now there's someplace to put it! This rotating shelving system offers convenient storage for all your surplus supplies. The easy and convenient Toilet Paper Spinner from the 360 Organizer® line of rotating closets is the answer! Keep everything ready in case there's another outbreak. Or just create a place to put it while you're waiting to use it all up. (You never know. Maybe the next epidemic will be a stomach bug).

A 360 Organizer® is the ultimate luxury in bathroom shelving. And it's not just for large master baths either. This rotating closet saves space! Let's face it. The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house and finding areas for extra storage when you're stockpiling supplies can be a definite challenge. Even if you have a large, luxury master bath, that square footage is probably already allocated to a soaking tub, walk-in shower, etc. Residential bathrooms are simply not designed to hold a six months' supply of toilet paper. That's where the 360 Toilet Paper Spinner comes in. Its revolutionary design provides four sides of floor-to-ceiling shelving on a rotating base. That means no more crawling on your knees to get the last roll out of the back of the bathroom vanity! The 360 Toilet Paper Spinner is a rotating shelving system that turns at your convenience, bringing the needed items to the front of the cabinet when you want them.

592 Double Rolls of 2-Ply Toilet Paper

The 360 Organizer used as bathroom shelving that rotates
The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner model can be used as bathroom shelving that rotates. It's perfect for storing all that excess toilet paper and other supplies. Knowing that this 360 Organizer® can hold 200 pairs of shoes, just think of how many rolls of toilet paper you could get on it (592 double rolls of 2-ply shown)! You'll always be ready for the next pandemic if you have one of these!

The 360 Toilet Paper Spinner is not just a luxury item. It's practical too. Just think of all the different things you could store on these rotating shelves!

No room for another storage cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling? No worries. The 360 Shorty is an under-the-counter model of the 360 Organizer® pantry that can do the same job. It has the same easy to access rotating shelving as the larger 360s. But it's only half as high and a little narrower than the standard Toilet Paper Spinner. Keep in mind that you may need two units if you decide to go this route. It all depends on how much "stuff" you need to store.

Under the counter bathroom shelving that rotates for easy access.

The 360 Organizer® Toilet Paper Spinner

No matter which model 360 Organizer® you consider, storage is phenomenal. Who wants to go crawling on hands and knees looking for that last roll of toilet paper shoved to the back of the cabinet under the bathroom sink? Now you don't have to when you own a Toilet Paper Spinner.