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Bedroom Built-Ins

Bedroom built-ins for high rise condo

Bedroom built-ins can add a lot of storage while taking up minimal square footage. They can even substitute for a walk-in closet, freeing up that space for other uses such as a home office. By built-ins, we mean permanent custom storage units that remain with the home when it is sold.

Whether you're tight on space, have an awkward bedroom layout that makes furniture placement awkward, or just want to use your big walk-in closet for other things, bedroom built-ins can make a lot of sense. A built-in is exactly what its name implies — a type of storage that is built into the home and attached to the walls. Because it is permanent, this feature adds value to the property in addition to solving the homeowner's storage problems. The key is choosing high quality with solid design features that are desirable to many types of homeowners.

The 5 Best Built-Ins for Your Bedroom

There are several types of built-ins that add both storage and value to the bedroom. However, there are five in particular that stand out. If you are going to add custom built-ins to your bedroom, consider incorporating shelves, drawers, a space for the TV, extra hanging, and a built-in desk or vanity table. These are all features that every homeowner can use and most will be willing to pay for when it comes time to sell.

  1. Shelves

    bedroom wall unit for high ceiling with shelving and murphy bed
    This Murphy bed is surrounded by built-in shelves and a desk with more shelves. The ceiling is very high and the shelves take advantage of this, adding storage all the way to the ceiling. Because the ceiling is also sloped, the shelves are staggered to follow the angle.

    Shelves, shelves, and more shelves — you can never have too many shelves. Shelves are the backbone of all storage systems. This is why they should be the first thing you think about when considering a custom built-in for the bedroom. Quality of the shelves are equally important, however. No one wants a flimsy unit. Especially over the bed, where a lesser quality unit might fail and fall. Even if you only plan to use them as a way to personalize with knickknacks, make sure all of your shelves are very strong and able to handle a lot of weight. Remember that built-ins are a permanent feature of the home. Somewhere down the line in the lifespan of your house a homeowner may decide to fill them with books. For this reason, no shelf should go more than 30-inches without some sort of vertical support. Shelves look great surrounding a bed. They can create a dramatic focal point in the room, replacing a headboard. This makes them both practical and beautiful as a bedroom built-in. To add even more drama, install a closet light system using LED puck lights above a select number of shelves where you'd like to emphasize the contents. Other shelves can be covered by cabinet doors. This will keep clutter to a minimum while simultaneously providing untold amounts of high quality storage.

  2. Drawers

    Built-in with drawers covers entire wall of bedroom.
    This bedroom wall unit includes both built-in drawers and cabinets. There are so many that they cover an entire wall of the bedroom. This provides a lot of storage while reducing the need for other furniture. In fact, the only other furniture in the room is the bed.

    A custom wardrobe closet is the first thing most of us think of when discussing bedroom built-ins. The more elaborate wardrobes will also include drawers in addition to hanging rods and shelves hidden behind cabinet doors. One of the many benefits of drawers is that they are a good way to organize small items such and underwear, socks, hair accessories, and fashion accessories including jewelry. Larger drawers can be used for sweaters, swim suits, and more. In fact, anything that you would usually keep in a bedroom dresser can be kept in the built-in drawers of your wardrobe closet. Be sure to include enough of them so that you don't need to buy a clothes dresser. This will save you money in addition to providing beautiful custom storage for the bedroom.

  3. Wall Unit with Space for a TV

    Built-in wardrobe closet with TV area for bedroom
    This bedroom includes a wall of storage at the end of the bed, including an alcove for a large Television.

    Do you like to watch TV in bed? Most of us like to indulge ourselves with this activity at some time or other. Maybe you're sick and need to convalesce a while. Or maybe it's your day off and you just feel like being lazy. Go ahead and watch the television from bed. You deserve it! If you're a big Fung Shui enthusiast and bedroom TV is a no-no, you can always cover the TV with doors. The important part is to include an appropriate sized alcove in your built-in storage with an electrical outlet. This is a feature that many future home buyers will appreciate as well.

  4. Extra Hanging

    Bedroom wardrobe closeet with hanging space.
    This black wardrobe closet is part of a collection of custom built-ins for the bedroom. In addition to the wardrobe, which includes both shelves and areas for hanging, there is a shoe closet and an island. All of these custom built-ins are visible from the owner's sleigh bed. Frosted glass inserts on the doors and countertop dress up the storage for an elegant look.

    Need more hanging space for your shirts, pants, jackets, and dresses? A wardrobe closet is the best answer to your problem. A built-in wardrobe is a closet that is attached to the surface of the wall. In appearance, it is somewhat like an armoire. But an armoire is a piece of freestanding furniture rather than a built-in. The wardrobe closet is often much bigger and offers a lot more storage as a result. It is usually constructed in place and doesn't have to be moved later on. This means it can span an entire wall. In fact, when fully assembled, it is often much larger than the bedroom doorway. The addition of built-in wardrobes is gaining in popularity around the country. Everyone from those with old homes and tiny closets to owners of newer modern homes with big walk-ins see their value. In fact, built-in wardrobes with hanging space are being placed in all sorts of bedrooms, even when there is another closet in the room. Why not? Consider that an existing walk-in closet can be re-purposed into a small office or nursery once the new wardrobe closet takes over, providing storage for clothes. Who wouldn't see the added value in that?

  5. Built-in Desk or Vanity Table

    bedroom built-in storage with integrated desk.
    This bedroom built-in features the ever-important shelves around the bed. But off to one side is a built-in desk that can be used for work and study. or put a mirror on it and use it as a vanity table to put on makeup. It's a practical addition to any bedroom.

    A built-in desk has obvious applications for a student. But older adults are turning to this solution as well. With so many employees expected to complete their 40-hour work week from home due to health concerns from the pandemic, built-in desks have never been more in-demand. A dedicated room for a home office is even better, but in many households there are several family members now working full-time from home. Most private residences cannot offer multiple home offices. That's what office buildings are for. However, a lot of homes have multiple bedrooms, offering opportunities for private work and study when needed. All it takes are the right amenities to make it work. A built-in desk is usually part of a larger storage solution that includes cabinets and shelves. It might even have integrated task lighting and solves numerous storage problems. A well-designed unit can make a room do double duty. Another benefit is that built-ins, by their nature, usually require less space than similar "furniture" solutions. Just make sure you pick quality components that will stand the test of time.

Still wondering about the benefits of bedroom built-ins?

Built-ins are a good investment for every room. The bedroom is no exception. Remember, no one has ever declined to purchase a house because it had too much storage. However, the reverse has definitely occurred. Even worse, you buy a house only to find out later that it isn't going to work out due to insufficient storage. This when built-ins can provide their greatest value. The create instant, permanent storage in a home that doesn't have any. This is true for any room in the home, including the bedroom. To make your bedroom built-in stand out in a way future buyers will appreciate, include attractive mill work like crown moulding or base moulding that blends with the style of the home. This will increase the perception of high-quality at resale. But most importantly, design a built-in that works for your needs now. The lasting enjoyment it provides can be experienced right away. And we could all use a little more joy in our lives these days.