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Best Hangers for Clothes

Best hangers for clothes are wooden hangers

Wooden Hangers vs. Flocked Hangers: Which is Best?

When it comes to hangers for clothes, there are many opinions as to which is best. Some people go for color and appearance that will make a design statement, while others want longevity. There are different hangers for different jobs. However, the general consensus is that wood is your number one hanger style and material in most situations. They are the most versatile, and offer specialty features, such as pant clips, for different types of garments. Flocked, or velvet hangers, come in a close second due to their space-saving features which allow more clothes to be hung in a smaller space.

The Benefits of Wooden Hangers for Clothes

Wooden hangers have been around a long time with good reason. They are the traditional choice when it comes to high quality clothes hangers.

  • Sturdy:

    Wood hangers are sturdy and will support all of your clothing without sagging. Sagging around the neckline is the bane of cheap hangers as it allows the garments to become stretched out around the neck. This will never happen with a wood hanger. These hangers are sturdy enough to support the heaviest winter coat without issue.
  • Metal Hooks:

    The part of the hanger that encircles the clothes rod is usually metal on a wooden hanger. It is very sturdy and unlikely to snap under weight or abuse. Although these types of hooks generally don't swivel, they usually screw into the wood part of the hanger and can be easily adjusted with a simple turn in the desired direction.
  • Versatile:

    Wood hangers are also available in different configurations for different garments. There are wooden pant hangers with clips to hold trousers or skirts by the waist band. Special suit hangers are available that are equipped with rods to keep the pants from falling off, as well as offering a sturdy hanger that can support the jacket. Others offer notches on the arms of the hanger to keep spaghetti straps from sliding off.
  • Wood hangers are available in different finishes to complement your d├ęcor:

    In addition to dark or light stain, many can be purchased painted in your choice of color. Wooden hangers can also accept engraving, making them customizable.
  • Disadvantage:

    Wooden hangers are available in many price points; however, they tend to be on the expensive side as far as hangers go.
wooden hangers for clothes
Matching wooden hangers in a closet support a variety of garments and look attractive as well.

The Benefits of Flocked/Velvet Hangers for Clothes

Velvet hangers are a fairly recent entry into the modern clothes hanger line-up. They offer certain unique advantages over other types of hanger.

  • Slim Profile:

    This type of hanger was invented to allow the user to hang more garments per inch of clothes rod. Like a metal dry cleaner's hanger, they don't require much room, yet they don't inflict the damage of a wire hanger. You can often hang twice as many clothes per inch as with a wooden hanger.
  • Anti-Slip:

    The velvet flocking usually present on this type of hanger will prevent your clothes from slipping off the hanger and onto the floor.
  • Stylish:

    This type of hanger is available in a wide array of colors.
  • Metal Hook:

    The part of the hanger that encircles the clothes rod is usually metal on a velvet hanger. This part of the hanger is strong. It may be glued or screwed into the base of the hanger depending on manufacturer. The ones that are screwed in are more adjustable than the ones that are glued.
  • Availability and Price:

    Inexpensive velvet flocked hangers are available at most of your big box discount stores. Colors may be limited at these establishments, but prices are reasonable. More colors are available online for low prices as well.
  • Disadvantages:

    Velvet hangers are not as strong as other types of hangers and can break where the hook meets the body of the hanger. This type of hanger should not be used for heavy winter coats.
velvet hangers for clothes
Flocked/velvet hangers for closets are available in a wide assortment of colors but black is most common and matches everything. The flocking prevents clothes from sliding off the hanger, while the slim profile allows more clothes to be hung on the rod.

The Worst Hangers for Clothes

The worst hangers for clothes include metal hangers from the dry cleaners and plastic tubular hangers. Neither is strong enough for truly heavy garments — that is why the dry cleaners often doubles up the hanger on items like suits and coats. Even shirts and dresses will sag around the neckline if left too long on a metal hanger. The metal can also leave rust stains if allowed to remain in contact with cloth for a long time. Better dry cleaners will cover their metal hangers with paper to prevent this, but the paper is not permanent and will eventually tear. The pointy metal hook will also scratch up metal clothes rods, causing an unsightly appearance in the closet. Tubular plastic hangers are also a problem. Many cheap, flimsy models are on the market which don't provide enough support for the clothes, causing sagging just as with the metal hangers. Even if you spend a little more and get a heavier duty version, the tubular plastic is slippery, allowing many garments to end up in a crumpled heap on the floor. Tubular hangers are not recommended for these reasons.

Think of hangers as an investment that help protect your clothes. Like anything else, you tend to get what you pay for. Purchasing the more expensive hangers will involve a little more money upfront but can save you money in the long run by adding usable life to your wardrobe. Furthermore, your closet will look best and tidiest if all of your hangers match. It's okay to have a couple different styles for different functions (pant hangers plus regular hangers) but try to keep the hangers in the same color/finish to maintain the most cohesive look possible. The transformation can look amazing!

reach-in closet with matching wood hangers