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5 Best Closet Organizers for Small Closets

Tricks to Increasing Closet Storage Capacity When Space is Limited

Big demands are often placed on tiny spaces. When it comes to storage, small closets are frequently the most in need of good closet organizers that will maximize the space and increase the amount of "stuff" they can hold. The exact closet organizers that will work best for you will depend on what you plan to keep in your closet — whether clothing, food stuffs, toys or something else. There are, however, certain closet organizers that work best for increasing space in small closets. They include shelves (you can never have enough), double hang or even triple hang sections of clothes rods, various types of retractable pull-out closet accessories, rotating organizers for closet corners and hooks.

Replacing an old clothes rod with a new double hang closet organizer will automatically double the hanging space in your small closet.

closet organizers for small closet
This small, narrow walk-in closet off the laundry room uses double hang closet organizers, lots of shelves and a 360 Organizer® rotating closet system in the corner of the room to maximize storage potential.

    Closet Organizers for Small Closets:

  1. Shelves: It's a known fact in the world of organization that no one can ever have enough shelves. Shelves are unobtrusive and easy to add in the odd corner or any unused wall space in order to increase storage. Decorative boxes can be used to conceal shelf clutter without impacting overall storage. Doors can be installed over some shelves to create an instant cabinet. Install shelves in your bedroom closet all the way to the ceiling to organize casual pants, jeans, sweaters, knit tops, blankets and linens, shoes and more. Put the items you use infrequently on the upper shelves and use a closet ladder to access them when needed. Shelves are also perfect for toys, games, pantry sundries, kitchen gear or just about anything you want to store where you don't need to fret about wrinkles.
    small closet with overhead storage and shelves with doors
    Closet shelves with doors installed over them create a custom cabinet look in the closet. Decorative boxes on the upper shelves are an attractive way to conceal clutter.
  2. Double Hang: Double hang and triple hang closet organizers refer to clothing rods that are arranged one over the other in a section of closet. It is the quickest and most efficient way to increase clothing storage in any closet and should be one of the first strategies a homeowner considers when addition closet storage is needed for hanging clothes. Adult clothing in the form of shirts, pants folded over a hanger and separates can be hung using double hang. Children's clothing, because it is smaller, can often accommodate triple hang. This is especially helpful when a closet is shared by multiple children. Small closets will especially benefit from a double hang or triple hang arrangement.
    double hang closet organizers
    Double Hang closet organizers, combined with judicious use of shelves, greatly increase storage capacity in this closet.
  3. Pull-Out Closet Accessories: Sliding, pull-out closet organizers are among the best ways to organize a small closet. They allow the owner to have access to stored items when needed, but silently slip into hiding when not in use, taking up very little room. There are numerous types on the market, each satisfying a specific storage need.
    • Wire Baskets: Wire baskets function in a similar manner to drawers, but are less expensive, easy to add to a closet, and are great for organizing underwear, small accessories, pantry items and more.
      best closet organiers for small closets include pull-out wire baskets
      Wire baskets make good closet organizes for small closets and can greatly increase overall organization when you are tight on space.
    • Mirrors: A full-length mirror is often difficult to fit into a smaller closet — especially if it cannot accept a mirror mounted behind the closet door due to door type or some other reason. Special mirrors designed specifically for small closets are available. These mirrors slide in and out on a pivoting base that allows for their convenient use inside the closet.
      best closet organiers for small closets include pivoting closet mirrors
      Pivoting closet mirrors make good closet organizes for small closets because they turn and slide away next to the closet panel when not in use, requiring very little space.
    • Tie, Belt and Scarf Organizers: Long, skinny accessories such as ties, belts and scarves can be difficult to organize effectively, easily becoming lost in a cluttered space. Special pull-out organizers designed for these items offer easy organization and on-demand accessibility with practically no space requirements.
      Best closet organiers for small closets include this slide out tie organizer
      Slide-out tie organizers like this one promise to keep your long, skinny, awkwardly sized accessories convenient and organized without taking up much space.
    • Pull-out Shelves: All types of this shelf are especially popular for small closet organization because they allow the owner to pack many items on one shelf while retaining the ability to quickly view what is stored in the back. They can be flat like an ordinary shelf, but pull-out pantry shelves offer even better storage potential because they have low sides that prevent items from falling or rolling off the back of the shelf.
      Best closet organiers for small closets include pull-out pantry shelves, no matter what type of closet
      No matter what type of closet you have, pantry, bedroom, linen or other — pull-out shelves are among the best closet organizers for small spaces.
  4. Rotating Organizers: Operating on a similar principle to the Lazy Susan, these kinds of organizers are best used to convert a dead corner into productive storage space.
    This tiny pantry closet features a 360 Organizer® rotating closet system to maximize corner storage along with numerous pull-out pantry shelves. Nothing gets lost in the back of this small pantry closet. Although relatively tiny, this pantry holds enough storage so that the homeowner doesn't have to run to the grocery store more than once a week. This is a definite benefit for this busy household.
    Best closet organiers for small closets include rotating shelves to maximize corner storage
  5. Hooks: Even when it seems there is no room in the closet to add any more storage, you can usually find space for a hook. In this way, hooks are an invaluable storage solution for small spaces.
    Best closet organiers for small closets include all kinds of hooks
    Hooks are a handy storage solution for small closets and tiny spaces. These hooks create an abundance of wall storage behind the closet door. They fit into an area that might otherwise be wasted since shelves, rods and other closet organizers won't fit here.

These five types of closet organizers and closet accessories offer just the trick for increasing storage and organization in tiny spaces. To maximize the organization and storage in your small closet, consider installing extra shelves in any nook or cranny available. They are the most useful closet organizer around, and you can never have too many of them. Switch to a double hang or triple hang rod system for as many clothes as possible. This is the simplest way to quickly double your closet space. Outfit your closet space with several slide-out closet accessories such as wire baskets, tie and belt organizers, pull-out shelves, pivoting mirrors and other space savers. Rotating closet organizers can further maximize storage by eliminating dead corners. Lastly, think about adding some good quality specialty hooks to your closet. Hooks fit nearly anywhere and are a practical way to store and organize your possessions.

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Double hang closet organizers create twice the space in this closet, allowing two girls to share a relatively small closet.
Double hang closet organizers create twice the space in this closet, allowing two girls to share a relatively small closet. See Project >

Very tiny walk-in closet with custom closet organizers for small closet storage.
This tiny walk-in closet includes custom closet organizers for small closet storage. The entire closet is double hang, there are abundant shelves surrounding the door and entryway. A large wire basket is used as a built-in hamper and drawer organizers are included to provide specialized storage. See Project >

This small closet includes many shelves for storage and organizatione
Shelves are among the most practical and least expensive options when evaluating solutions for increasing storage in a small closet. See Project >

closet organizers for small closets should always include double hang.
Even with an oddly sloped ceiling in the closet, closet organizers manage to double the hanging space in this small closet space. See Project >

Pull-out shelves are among the best closet organizers for small closets.
Pull-out shelves are among the best closet organizers for small closets. This hallway linen closet uses pantry shelves to organize and store miscellaneous small items like shampoo and toiletries. See Project >

Small bathroom linen closet with pull-out shelves.
This small bathroom linen closet features a shelving tower up to the ceiling. It includes several pull-out pantry shelves in the middle and bottom of the closet system, ensuring the items in the back of the shelf small remain accessible. See Project >

Closet organizers for this pantry includes wire baskets and pull-out shelves.
Effective closet organizers in this small reach-in pantry include wire baskets and pull-out shelves. See Project >