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Best Closet Accessories for a Reach-In Closet

Reach-in closet for bedroom with closet accessories

Think of a fully customized closet with all the bells and whistles. What usually comes to mind is a big, expensive walk-in. But did you know that your typical reach-in closet can have just as many customizations. High-end features that make life easier and more organized are possible in any closet. It's simply a matter of choosing the right closet accessories for your needs.

Not everyone can have a huge walk-in closet. In fact, reach-in closets, also called wall closets, far outnumber the coveted walk-in closet in most American bedrooms. Yet, everyone can have a luxury closet. Reach-in closet are usually not very luxurious. But they can be. And it isn't difficult to make the transformation. The right closet accessories and organizers can turn even the most modest closet into the envy of the neighborhood. It's all a matter of choosing the best pieces to supplement your basic custom closet.

7 Must Have Closet Accessories for Your Reach-In Custom Closet

  1. A Built-In Closet Hamper with Divided Sections

    Built-in closet hamper for reach-in closet
    This closet features a tilt-out closet hamper. Just like many slide-out hampers, it provides two sections for sorting your dirty clothes right inside the closet. Each section is comprised of a removable bag with handles that hang from a sturdy metal frame. On laundry day, each bag can be lifted out and easily transported to the washing machine or laundromat.

    It's tempting to save a little money and skip the built-in closet hamper when designing your new custom closet, but don't. Time and time again, users are surprised by how much they enjoy this feature in their closets. The built-in closet hamper goes beyond organization. Whether you choose the slide-out or tilt-out version, this ultra-efficient closet accessory offers divided sections for automatically sorting dirty clothes. Everyone ends up loving their built-in hamper because it makes doing the laundry feel like less of a chore.

  2. A Built-In Shoe Organizer

    Shoe cubbies used for organizing shoes in a reach-in closet.
    Shoe cubbies are a good way to organize footwear for a reach-in closet.

    Put a built-in shoe organizer in your next custom reach-in closet. You'll never regret it. Everyone likes an organized place to store their shoes inside the closet. Because a reach-in closet is typically smaller than a walk-in closet, you may be advised to use all your space for hanging clothes and forgo the addition of built-in cubbies or shelves for shoes. Don't be fooled. You can make up the hanging space by incorporating more double hang or even triple hang sections into your closet design so that there is room for built-in shoe storage. Shoes are so much easier to keep organized when they're raised up off the floor. Possible footwear solutions for a small reach-in closet include shoe shelves>, shoe cubbies (as shown), or a slide out shoe rack. Any of these shoe organizers will work in a typical wall closet. The best one for you will depend on the number of shoes you need to store and personal preference.

  3. A Belt Organizer

    sliding belt rack closet accessory
    This 5-hook belt rack slides in and out of the closet on ball bearing glides. Each hook holds multiple belts.

    Belts can be tricky to store properly. Most people have a combination of a few everyday belts they wear all the time and some specialty belts that are used on occasion with certain outfits. The everyday belts need to be instantly accessible when you're in a morning rush. A sliding belt rack is a good solution for this situation. It has multiple hooks and can hang all of your frequently worn belts by the buckle for easy access without have to remove one in order to access another. It retracts into the closet when not in use and takes up virtually no space. Alternately, special hooks with multiple prongs designed just for belts can be installed in just about any corner or nook of the closet. Occasional belts, cummerbunds, and belts without buckles should be stored rolled in a drawer. Acrylic drawer organizers intended for lingerie storage work really well for organizing these belts.

  4. Closet Hooks

    Close-up of closet hooks with bathrobe in small reach-in closet
    This closet includes two hooks for hanging a robe or other items that need to be grabbed quickly and conveniently.

    Hooks are the most convenient way to hang a garment. Be sure to include a few in your own closet, no matter how small. Use larger hooks about 5-inches in height to accommodate the widest range of garments. Also be sure to check the weight rating for the hook. You should be safe with hooks rated to hold up to 50 pounds. That may seem like a lot, but weight quickly adds up. Three or four loaded handbags and a big, fluffy bathrobe can put you close. Better to be safe than sorry. Another benefit of hooks is that they are small and can be added to odd corners. Use hooks so that there is no wasted space in the closet. You can never have too many hooks. They come designed for all sorts of uses, from specialty hooks for hanging ties to double or single hooks.

  5. A Valet Pole

    valet pole for reach-in closet
    This closet includes a telescoping valet pole on the side of the built-in closet shelves. It's just as convenient as a hook, but mounts to the inside of a closet panel or the bottom of a shelf.

    A valet pole adds a touch of luxury and convenience to any closet. It's similar in function to a hook but is designed more for hangers. A single valet pole can hold multiple hangers. It's the perfect choice when you want to stage your clothes for the next day or even if you just want a place to hang your dry cleaning while putting it away.

  6. A Full-Length Mirror

    Reach-in Closet with Mirror
    This bedroom closet for a preteen girl is equipped with a full-length, pull-out, rotating mirror and shoe cubby organizers for footwear. It is a custom reach-in closet that is packed with amenities.

    Everyone likes a full-length mirror in their closet. A mirror has many benefits. Use it to see how you look before leaving for the day. See if a particular dress still flatters. Or check how well your shoes match your outfit. The trouble is, it can be difficult to install a full-length mirror on the inside of a reach-in closet unless you happen to have a swing-out closet door. If you have this type of door, just mount one to the inside of the closet door. However, there are other ways to install a mirror inside a reach-in closet that don't involve the door. You can put a mirror inside any small wall closet no matter what type of door if you use a pull-out, rotating closet mirror. This type of mirror not only slides in and out of the depths of the closet, but also pivots a full 180 degrees. This way, you can see yourself completely. Slide it easily away when you're not using it. Best of all, it only takes up about 5-inches of closet space.

  7. A Jewelry Drawer

    jewelry drawer accessory for reach-in closet
    This closet for a young teen girl's bedroom packs many of the same features found in her parent's larger walk-in closet into a small reach-in. It manages to include a jewelry drawer, mirror, valet pole and other accessories despite the fact that it is located under a stairway and has a slanted ceiling.

    A jewelry drawer is often perceived as the ultimate luxury in closet accessories. It is actually two separate accessories, a closet drawer and a jewelry organizer for the drawer. There are several types of organizers available. They range from a simple velvet drawer liner to compartmentalized organizers with anywhere from one to three tiered sections, each layer with numerous slots for safely storing jewelry. It's more convenient than a jewelry box that sits on top of your dresser and a less visible target if thieves do break in. For extra security, use a drawer lock> with your jewelry drawer.

Go Beyond Basic with Closet Accessories

Take your reach-in bedroom closet beyond basic with the perfect accompaniment of closet accessories. There's no reason that a typical reach-in closet can't be every bit as extravagant as a walk-in. The trick is to choose custom closet accessories designed to add convenience and elegance to this type of storage system. A wall closet equipped with a jewelry drawer, full-length mirror, valet pole, hooks, belt rack, shoe organizer, and a built-in hamper with sections for sorting your clothes provides a luxurious experience to the owner. It may even outperform a similar sized walk-in.