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Best Closet Organizing Ideas for 2022

Close-up of closet organizing ideas showing shoe shelves and hanging clothes

When it comes to closet organization, it’s all about getting more into less. And doing it without overcrowding. To do that, your space must be highly organized. Since organized spaces often reflect the personalities of their owners, dedication to keeping things tidy, along with self-discipline, can help. But you don’t have to be overly strict. Don’t worry if you’re not a neat freak. With the right tools, anyone can turn chaos into order. And the organizing is contagious. Let these closet organizing ideas get you started and watch it spill into other areas of your life as well. You’ll quickly see that everything is easier when you’re organized. Once you’ve started down the path to a more organized year, you’ll never want to go back to that messy closet again.

10 tips that can get your closet organized in no time:

1. Double up your storage with efficient closet organizers.

Miriam-Webster defines double up as: “To share accommodations designed for one.” With this in mind, it’s fairly-easy to take your closet designed for one and multiply the storage by two. You do it with double-hang closet organizers. A double hang closet organizer is a section of closet where one rod is placed about 42-inches above an identical closet rod. Do this and instead of 42-inches of hanging space, you now have 84.

Double-hang closet organizers are the single best way of increasing your closet space in a hurry. That’s because the vertical space in a closet tends to be ignored and wasted. The quickest and most efficient way to increase your storage is to stop wasting this space. If your closet is dominated by a single rod and shelf that spans its width, this is the first thing you need to change. Go with two rods, one over the other. If you do nothing else this year to get your closet organized, invest in a good-quality closet organizer system with double-hang rods.

Closet with clothes hung on rods one over the other for maximum storage
Double-hang closet organizers put twice as much storage into the same amount of space. The upper rod occupies space that is left unused and wasted in standard closets that utilize a single rod and shelf set-up.

2. Place pants on top & shirts on the bottom.

Once you have your double-hang closet organizers in place, you need to know the best way to hang your clothes. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s better to hang your slacks on the top rod and your shirts on the bottom. Pants, whether folded over the hanger bar or hung by the cuff, present a narrower profile than shirts and jackets. (Similar to the difference between the width of a single knee to the breath of your shoulders by comparison). That’s why pants belong on top. You’ll appreciate not having a bunch of sleeves in your face while you bend over to sort through your jeans and trousers.

Reach-in closet with double-hang organizers and pants on upper rod
The double-hang closet organizer on the left places pants on top and shirts on the bottom. With this arrangement, it is obvious that the trousers use less depth and won't stick out as far in the closet as would a shirt. This is especially useful in a smaller, reach-in closet like the one shown. The right side utilizes a half-and-half arrange. This is a great alternative to the double-hang arrangement in smaller closets. The bottom features the lower closet rod placed at the typical 42-inches from the floor. Instead of another rod above as in the double-hang organizer, the upper storage is all shelves. This is a very practical option for smaller closets. The shelves can be used for storing folded sweaters, shoes, and more. And the bank shelves only take up 14-inches of depth — another plus.

3. Don’t leave shoe storage as an afterthought.

Always include shoe storage in your closet plan. If you don’t have any, then get some. That’s because everyone needs good storage for footwear. No exceptions. Even if you keep the bulk of your shoes near the back door for convenience, you still need separate storage for fancy shoes that are only worn occasionally or off-season footwear. The best place for this is usually the bedroom closet. Plan to set aside shelves, a rack, or other dedicated space so that your shoes don’t end up in a heap on the closet floor. It takes extra up-front planning and closet space but is well worth it. Orderly organization of the shoes makes them easier to find and can even extend longevity. That’s because everything lasts longer when it’s given better care. Expensive shoes are no exception. Good shoe storage always pays off in the long run.

Closet shoe shelves full of mens shoes
Everyone needs shoe storage in their closet. And adults need more than children. Even if you usually leave your shoes at the door, be sure to include a few 14-inch-deep shelves in the closet for footwear. This example includes shoe fences so that the shelves can be tilted slightly to display the shoes better without worry that they'll slide off.

4. Clothing accessories translate into a need for closet organizer accessories.

Slide out racks for belts, ties, scarves, and even pants will hold more in less space than other storage methods. And they make getting ready each morning so much more convenient! Take advantage of these closet accessories designed to enhance wood closet systems to further maximize your storage space. Even a simple valet pole can make a big difference when putting your dry cleaning away or selecting the perfect tie and shirt ensemble.

Closet with slide-out tie rack
This closet includes a slide-out tie rack next to the client's collection of dress shirts. The rack slips in out of the closet depths and organizes 18 neckties per rack without using any space at all.

5. Invest in a system of rotating shelves.

Corners are one of the most difficult areas of the closet to organize. Think of them as a kind of indoor burial mound. That's because they often become the final resting place for a wide range of clothing and accessories that are never found again. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can organize your closet corners and add precious storage space to your home in the process! And there's no better organizer for the corner of the closet than rotating shelves.

Most rotating shelf systems for closets work on a lazy Susan principal. They get rid of dead corners by giving everything on them a chance to be on the front of the shelf through simple, manual turning of the shelves. A prime example is the 360 Organizer® rotating shelf system. These closet shelves are about 89-inches-high and approximately 40-inches wide. Seven different models are available to bring corner organization to every closet in the home.

Narrow walk-in closet with corner rotating shelves
This long, narrow closet includes rotating shelves in the corner. The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner maximizes corner storage in the closet for up to 200 pairs of shoes.

6. Use shelf dividers to keep your stacks tidy.

Shelves will add a lot of useful storage to any area of the home. In closets, they're often used to hold stacks of folded linens, sweaters, jeans, and other clothing or wardrobe accessories. The challenge is in keeping your shelves neat. Don't let them become a multi-tiered dump because that defeats their purpose of providing organized storage. The clutter will be an eye sore and you won't be able to find anything easily. Instead, keep folded clothing in tidy 12-inch x 12-inch stacks and separate items by type. Don't let your stacks get higher than 12-inches because they will tend to topple over. If you must store dissimilar products together on the same shelf, use a divider in between sections. Using a divider between individual piles of folded clothing and linens will also ensure that each 12-inch x 12-inch stack remains neat and orderly.

Closet shelf divider with sweaters and purses
Shelf dividers keep your shelves neat and tidy. This shelf uses two dividers to separate different types of clothing and purses.

7. Add drawers or sliding baskets to corral the small stuff.

Every closet ends up with a stash of little possessions that are too small to store loose on a shelf or hang from a clothing rod. No matter whether it's gloves, underwear, small leather goods like wallets, jewelry, or something else, it needs proper storage if you want to be able to easily retrieve these items when needed. For this, we recommend drawers or baskets. Both will work to corral these small, miscellaneous possessions. Closet drawers are more expensive than baskets but for many, the look is worth the expense. A closet with drawers can allow an owner to forego similar furniture storage in the bedroom, freeing up space and saving money in the process. They also allow for the installation of drawer locks. For a less expensive compromise, install built-in slide out baskets. These are wire baskets with attached drawer slides so that they glide in and out just like a drawer. The baskets are available with or without liners to keep things from falling through the slats. They easily attach to any wood closet shelving section that is the standard 14-inches deep and either 18, 24, or 30-inches wide. Different height baskets are available just like drawers as well.

Closet organizing ideas for baby clothes using divided drawers and sliding baskets
You're never too young to start living the organized life. This closet uses both drawers and pull-out baskets to keep baby's things organized. The drawer is separated into smaller sections through the use of drawer dividers. Two baskets, (one with a canvas liner), store onesies and blankets.

8. Plan your laundry strategy in advance.

Nothing destroys the enjoyment of an organized closet faster than a heap of smelly, dirty laundry strewn across the floor. But you can't avoid dirty clothes. That's why every closet needs a laundry solution. You could go with a basket on the floor, but more attractive built-in options are available. Use a large slide-out hamper basket or a custom tilt hamper to store your laundry. Use the double compartment variety to sort your clothes into lights and darks right in the closet. The tilt hampers are especially handsome because come with doors that match the wood in the rest of the closet.

Closet organizing ideas for this home include tilt-out double hampers
This custom master closet includes a tilt-out double hamper. When the hamper is closed, laundry is invisible. The closed hamper looks like a cabinet due to the matching door front.

9. Get hooked on hooks.

Once your main closet organization strategy is in place, turn to hooks to finish it off. The advantage of hooks is that they can fill your small awkward corners and narrow spaces with useful storage. It's all part of maximizing your closet's potential. In those tight spaces where shelves won't fit, turn to hooks. And don't be afraid to explore all the options and varieties available. Try special hooks for neckties, belts, keys, necklaces, bibs, and more. Use them for clothing, purses, backpacks, hats — there are so many things that can find a home on a hook. And fun options are available to match any décor. Hooks are super convenient, easy to install, and inexpensive. No closet organization project is complete without hooks.

Close-up assorted hooks for closet organizing.
These closet hooks bring storage and organization to small nooks and corners of the closet that might otherwise go unused.

10. Use matching hangers.

Hangers are the final touch to your closet. Use a matching set to visually streamline what is often a very cluttered space. And be sure to use the right type of high-quality hangers to protect your clothes from puckering or stretching at the shoulders. Wood hangers are always a good choice and a sound investment. However, velvet hangers and other colorful options can also work well.

Close-up of clothes hung in closet on matching wooden hangers.
These matching hangers lend a cohesive look to the closet. High-quality wood hangers with a smooth finish are the best overall for your clothes.

Make 2022 the Year to Get Organized!

Use these ideas to get your closet in shape. Gain new storage when you maximize your old space with closet organizers and accessories. You're certain to be thrilled with the results. See how much better your closet can be when you set aside a specific place for everything that needs to go into the closet. Then use hooks and matching hangers to finish it off. Enjoy your new space as your organized life starts to fall into place. You'll be surprised at how organization is contagious and soon spreads to other rooms and areas of your life. The more you do, the easier it gets. If you haven't made your New Year's resolution yet, commit to getting organized! And if you want help getting started, we're here to lend a hand. Schedule your free Closet Works design consultation today!