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6 Super Cool Walk-In Closets

Get inspired by these designer closet ideas you can use for your own walk-in closet designs.

Cool walk-in closet ideas

When it comes to closets, what separates the wheat from the chaff? Go beyond ordinary organization and let your creative juices flow with these six inspirational walk-in closets.

January is Get Organized Month. It is also a time to make New Year's resolutions and commitments. Perhaps you've been thinking about organizing your master closet. If you're looking for ideas and inspiration to take your closet to the next level, you've come to the right place.

    Cool Walk-In Closets You'll Love

  1. The Big Loft Closet Overlooking the Master Bedroom

    Cool walk-in closet in attic
    This walk-in closet was built in the attic of the home. It spans the entire house. The ceiling was raised in the master bedroom and a staircase was constructed to the new attic closet. A loft overlook allows the bedroom to be viewed from the closet.

    This home did not originally have a large master closet or a master bath, but it did have an empty attic with enough overhead room to stand. The owners decided to put in a raised ceiling in the master bedroom. They then built a staircase from the bedroom to the attic and converted the remaining attic space into a new luxury master closet and en suite bathroom. Sky lights were added. A loft overlook visually connects the attic closet space with the master bedroom. High-end finishes were used throughout the closet. Cabinets with pull-out shoe storage, glass doors to cover a designer handbag collection, and a hidden safe are a few of the features that contribute to the overall WOW factor. However, the custom closet island positioned in the center of the room definitely steals the show. One end is outfitted with small cubbies that showcase the owner's belt collection. Drawers with jewelry organizers fill out another side of the island. Lingerie drawers complete the opposite side, while the remaining end of the island is devoted to a comfortable seating area. The result is more of a private retreat than a closet for storage.

  2. The Closet "Down Under"

    Walk-in closet design under master bedroom with staircase
    1950s ranch home with a new luxury master closet constructed under the master bedroom. The original 6-foot reach-in closet was replaced by a staircase to the huge basement closet. The new closet is slightly bigger than the original master bedroom.

    These homeowners faced a similar dilemma to the attic closet people above. The bedroom in their 1950s Chicago area ranch style home did not have much of a closet. Unlike the attic people, they did not have a big, empty attic with enough headroom to stand. What they did have, however, was a big empty basement under their house. They built a huge master closet underneath their bedroom and replaced the original small reach-in with a staircase that connects the bedroom to the new closet. White finishes keep the space from feeling too dark. Luxury accessories like a crystal chandelier, chaise lounge, and a white fur rug give the space an elegant feel. The new closet is bigger than the original bedroom and easily accommodates the wardrobes of two people.

  3. Rotating Closet System — The Closet That's Bigger on the Inside

    Rotating closet with designer closet ideas
    This walk-in closet has a rotating closet organizer in either corner.

    Have you ever heard the expression it's bigger on the inside? Did you ever wish this could be true for your own overstuffed closet? You don't need dimensional transcendentalism to grow the inside of your closet without expanding the outside when you own the 360 Organizer® rotating closet system. Imagine putting your closet on a giant Lazy Susan so that you can turn it and access every side! Wallah, no more dead corners. This means more space for your "stuff," as though it were bigger. This super cool walk-in closet features two 360 Organizers — one in either corner. There is a Valet model in the left corner with a combination of drawers, hanging rods, shelves and hooks. The right corner shows the very popular Shoe Spinner — a 360 Rotating Shoe Closet with room for up to 200 pairs of shoes in a little 40-inch square space.

  4. Closet Made from Glass, Mirrors & Translucent Stone

    Closet with glass shelves, glass doors, mirrors, and translucent countertops
    This closet features a large expanse of glass shelves, glass doors, mirror panels, and translucent countertops that are backlit to fill the space with light.

    This palatial closet/dressing room will truly take your breath away. Featuring walls of glass shelves and glass cabinets with custom walk-in closet lighting options, it is a grand space offering a light, bright, airy and open feeling that inspires thoughts of the original Crystal Palace in London. The footprint of this closet is slightly smaller than that 1851 great exhibition hall, but still offers an incredibly expansive center section with two large closet islands. The countertops are made from translucent quartz and lit from underneath. Night or day, the entire closet emits a warm radiance. The glass shoes shelves are lit along the sides. All the hanging areas are enclosed behind glass doors and also include LED closet lighting. The quiet glow is especially noticeable in the evenings, creating an elegant and relaxing end to a long day.

  5. The Jewelry Case Closet

    Walk through closet with jewelry display in closet island
    This elegant walk through closet has a jewelry display worthy of a professional jeweler built into the closet island.

    This closet serves as a walk through between the master bedroom and the attached master bath. It is elegantly done with high-end appointments throughout. However, the piéce de rèsistance is definitely the center closet island. These homeowners have a collection of heirloom jewelry with a lot of sentimental value. They decided to put it on display in this private and personal area of their home. They commissioned a custom closet island with a glass countertop to serve as a window into the jewelry drawers below. An LED closet lighting system was installed under the countertop and inside all the drawers. A light comes on inside the drawer when it is opened. Lights also shine on the top layer of jewelry from under the countertop when the drawers are closed. Either way, it's a beautiful display worthy of any high-end jewelry store.

  6. The Doorless Closet

    Open closet with island and cabinets featuring glass doors and glass shelves
    The walk-in closet in this home is open to the master bedroom. The view from the bed is of the closet island/peninsula with the attached glass shelves where the owner displays favorite accessories.

    This project was part of a larger home renovation where the owner is renovating a 1970's colonial to have a modern open floor plan. They have extended the open floor plan all the way into the bedroom, where they removed the closet doors and one wall. The resulting open space combines the sleeping area with a seating area and the closet/dressing room space. If you take away the door, you need to make sure the closet is spectacular. This closet features a lot of glitz and glamour. The walls are painted with a silver metallic paint that complements the owner's collection of silver figurines gracing the glass shelves above the closet peninsula. Crystal knobs adorn all the closet drawers. An LED closet lighting system illuminates sections of the closet and can be controlled by remote control from the bed. The homeowners selected a chaise lounge with "ghost" legs covered in a large animal print as a place to sit down and put on shoes.

Add the WOW factor to your walk-in closet with these designer closet ideas from Closet Works. No matter whether you hire a professional closet designer or plunge in and do-it-yourself, your super cool walk-in closet is waiting to become a reality! Let these six closets inspire you to create your own unique storage solution. With a few tricks of the trade, you can set your space apart, making it into an awe-inspiring retreat that will be the envy of the neighborhood.