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Custom Closet Benefits

happy people in their custom closet

Have you thought about taking the plunge into custom closets for your home? Did you hesitate, wondering if they're really worth it? Wonder no more. There are many reasons that a custom closet can benefit you. They increase your total storage potential and allow you to get more into the same amount of space. They come personalized for you and your possessions. Custom built-ins mean you need to buy less other furniture for the home. And you usually get your money back at resale. How could anyone go wrong with that?

5 Good Reasons to Install Custom Closets Throughout Your Home.

The need for organized spaces and increased storage in the home has never been greater. The new virtual workplace is partially responsible. In many cases, Zoom meetings or similar software has replaced the face-to-face team interactions. We've needed to set aside dedicated places in our homes for work, whether it's a corner of the kitchen of some more secluded area. This alone leaves many people tight on space. The situation is exacerbated because we also have to try and limit our trips to the store to maintain proper social distancing. This, in turn, means stocking up with much greater quantities of everything on those occasions when we do go out to shop. All that stuff needs a place to go, further cramping our homes. Luckily, your custom closet can help in five key ways.


  1. Increased Storage

    Custom closet with storage
    This custom closet provides organized storage from floor-to-ceiling.

    You can get a lot more into less space with a custom closet system than you will ever get with a standard builder closet. When you install double closet rods one over the other, you will get twice as much hanging space right off the bat. The combination of shelves, drawers and the hanging ensure that there will be a place for everything you own. A custom closet is also designed to take advantage of every square-inch of space as well. That means floor-to-ceiling storage. And odd little nooks and crannies aren't ignored either. Use them for some of the specialty hooks available to handle your accessories. Hooks and racks can play a significant role in an organized closet. They take up very little space yet provide a lot of easily accessible storage. A closet designer will know which hooks to use and where to put them to best suit your needs. .

  2. Custom Closets Come Personalized for Your Needs

    custom closet with shoe storage
    This custom closet was designed with extra shoe storage for a shoe fanatic.

    A typical builder closet includes a generic wire shelf and closet rod. A custom closet, on the other hand, is designed specifically with the owner's needs and individual possessions in mind. Do you need special drawers for a jewelry or eyeglass collection? Perhaps you have a large selection of favorite dresses or even shoes. A custom closet can be tailor made with special storage sections for your unique needs. This ensures that all your possessions have their own special place in the closet where you will always be able to find them.

  3. Better Organization

    Walk-in Closet With Custom Closet Cabinetry
    Walk-in closet with custom closet cabinetry organizes all the shirts with blouses on hangers and knit tops or sweaters above on shelves. It has been designed to ensure there is a specific place for all the owner's wardrobe separates. It's easy to put together outfits when you always know what you have and where everything is.

    Ever gone looking for that sweater or top you know you have, but you just can't find? This doesn't happen when you have a custom closet. One advantage of owning a closet with a place for everything is that everything is where you expect it to be at all times. This translates to overall better organization in your home. And it's not just for clothes closets either. Your kitchen pantry, the linen or bathroom closets, home office, or anywhere in the home can benefit from increased organization. Life is simply easier when everything is organized.

  4. Built-Ins Mean Less Furniture

    Galley style closet for two users
    This custom closet features numerous drawers, a countertop, and even a mirror with integrated lighting. All this translates to less need for similarly equipped furniture in the bedroom.

    More than just storage, a custom closet becomes a lifestyle choice that can be designed to suit your particular lifestyle. Custom closets can be equipped with drawers, pull-out baskets, special racks, mirrors, built-in dressers or vanity tables and more. Many owners of custom walk-in closets find themselves using the space as more of a private dressing room than simply a storage area. And all these built-ins for the closet translates to less need for special furniture in the bedroom, allowing for a more spacious, luxurious sleeping quarters.

  5. Custom Closets Have High ROI

    Custom closet with built-in organizers
    This custom closet with built-in organizers will be a selling feature when the owners eventually decide to move. In the meantime, they are sure to enjoy many years of organized storage for themselves.

    When done right, custom closets have a high return on investment at resale comparable to a kitchen remodeling project. In fact, the custom closet is expected/required in higher-end luxury homes. In middle market housing, the closet is often that special feature that makes your home stand out from the competition. Custom closets are not a trend or fad that will quickly fade from popularity either. Organization, and the benefits that come with it, are something everyone craves. After all, no prospective buyer has ever told their real estate agent that they wish the home was more crowded or had less storage space. Spacious and organized sells. Cramped and messy does not.

Custom closets are a good investment anyway you look at it!

With so many benefits to owning a custom closet, the advantages become obvious. Increased storage, personalized design, better organization, custom built-ins with less need for other furniture, and high ROI are some of the reasons you may want to consider adding them to your home. We all spend so much time in our homes, we deserve a space we can enjoy. Abundant organized storage is definitely a feature that every homeowner wishes they had more of. Why not let custom closets be your solution?