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Understanding Custom Closet Pricing

Closet Systems Come in Multiple Price Points to Fit Many Budgets

Have you ever felt frustrated, or even a bit miffed, when shopping for custom closets on the internet due to the lack of fixed prices listed on ANY custom closet company websites? Be assured that no one is trying to hide anything from you. The fact is, when pricing custom closets, each project is extremely individual (hence the word custom) and requires a different price. There are many factors that determine the price of a custom closet or other organization system — and several price points for any given design depending on the materials and finishes used for the construction. It simply isn't possible to post a static price for a custom job. Reputable closet companies deal with this by offering to come to the customer's home for a complimentary consultation in order to determine the scope of the project they have in mind, plus how much it will cost. This cannot usually be done over the phone because, in addition to discussing materials and size of the closet, your designer will want to measure the space for themselves, check for crooked walls or floors, check the type of construction used for the home's walls, check the type of flooring the new system is to be installed on and many other factors that will influence the final price. After the consultation, your designer should deliver a full, detailed proposal with costs for all parts of the project. Initial rendered drawings of your new closet/other organization system should also be included for free with the proposal for the project so that you can see exactly what you will be getting for your money.

Finding the right closet designer that "clicks" with you is key to your ultimate satisfaction with your final closet system. There are many variables when designing a custom closet. The designer must understand your individual style, preferences and needs, including budget, in order to steer you to the right solution.

Always ask for a free estimate: Overall closet pricing is determined by size, the complexity of the system, installation type, materials used, door or drawer styles, hardware choices, finishes, colors, accessories and more. Also, the design features you choose will affect price. For example, shelving is more expensive than hanging storage, and drawers are more expensive than shelves.

With the possible exceptions of size and installation type which may be determined by the room, all of these variables have a lot of choices with a wide variety of prices. The best way to ensure your proposal meets your budget is to talk with your designer about your needs. What are your "must have" features? There are often many approaches to a single project, each resulting in a different price tag. Your designer can advise you on what options are best for your situation. Even if you are on a budget, it does not necessarily mean your only possibility is "bare bones." A reputable closet company will have a lot of options available. Organization systems can be made from wood, MDF, laminate, wire or any mixture of these materials. Furthermore, different colors of laminate will cost different amounts — Note: At Closet Works, we are proud to provide the six most popular color choices for the same price as basic white laminate. Hardware and door styles will come in all different prices points as well. Your closet designer can steer you towards the best options for your individual situation.

It's All a Matter of Balance:

Many people love the idea of having a wood, rather than a laminate, closet. A closet system made of wood veneer is generally the most expensive option, however. If the system is to be painted, MDF is often a good, less expensive alternative. Alternately, there are premium laminates that are noted for their look and feel that are nearly indistinguishable from real wood. Some clients in the market for a custom closet will select solid wood door and drawer fronts, but use a laminate for the verticals and structure of the system to keep cost down. Each of these approaches will result in what is virtually the same closet, but a different price. It's all of matter of balance. Open communication with your designer is the key to getting the right system at the right price.

Shop around and carefully compare value. Every company does not offer the same quality of product. Check the guarantee and whether the employees are bonded or insured. Generally, you'll find that you get what you pay for.


Master Closet/Dressing Room Designed in Wood
Example of a wood veneer walk in closet with solid wood doors and drawer fronts that is also available in painted MDF, premium VIVA™ laminate, standard laminate, or a combination of materials — all at different price points while achieving a similar look.
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Master Closet/Dressing Room Designed in MDF
Example of a wardrobe style closet in MDF with a glossy painted finish that is also available in painted Wood, premium high gloss laminate — all at different price points while achieving a similar appearance. MDF is less expensive than wood, but more than most laminate finishes.
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Elegant closet designed in Cocoa - one of the least expensive laminate finishes
Example of an elegant closet designed completely in Cocoa — a price level one laminate. Closet Works offers six laminate colors for the same price as basic white, ensuring that beautiful and elaborate custom closet systems are available to meet any budget.
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simple closet without drawers or accessories
The least expensive new closet option will use shelves rather than drawers to save money as shown in this example. This type of closet will still increase overall storage capacity because it makes every square inch count. Vertical space in particular is utilized much space more efficiently. Accessories like slide-out baskets can be added instead of drawers to add functionality while keeping costs down.
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how to redo closet on a budget
If you already have an existing closet system, another inexpensive option is to simply update what you have with new doors, hardware, and accessories. Complemetary colors can be added as accent pieces to modify the existing closet color scheme to your liking. This can be helpful when budgets are tight.
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So How Much Does the Typical Closet Works System Cost?

At Closet Works, closets typically start at $1,000, but elaborate installations can range upwards of $40,000 depending on size, options and finishes. The average person spends around $3,500. Design, drawings and installation are included in that amount. Also included is the unmatched Closet Works design guarantee that allows our customers to make minor design changes for up to 90 days after installation at no charge, a lifetime warranty on the products we manufacture and install, plus a PRICE MATCH PROMISE — Closet Works will match the price of any competitor's quote, given equal design, material, construction and service*.

*Note: We offer a custom, premium product and there are many factors to consider when designing your project. Even when proposals appear similar on the surface, chances are that they contain differences that affect the overall price.

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