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How to Design a Home Office to Maximize Productivity

Office Ideas to Inspire a Productive and Pleasant Environment

Technologies such as more powerful laptop computers and cloud computing have allowed many companies to offer employees the convenience of working from home at least on occasion. This doesn't mean they want you to return a few work related phone calls while doing your laundry. Employees with a work-from-home benefit are expected to perform with the same level of productivity as though they were in the office. One key to maximizing your productivity involves optimizing the physical space where you will perform the work.

working from home office ideas
CASE STUDY: The client was looking for a quiet and efficient home office that would allow her to be very productive when working from home. The space needed to be a calm oasis where she could leave the hectic needs of raising two children while working full time outside the door, allowing her to focus on work. She requested an organized work area with space for her computer and printer, lots of functional storage, plus room for personal art and memorabilia. The space chosen for the office renovation was previously a small first floor bedroom. However, the clients prefer to keep all the children's bedrooms upstairs, on the same level as their own. As a result, this room was rarely used and ripe for a makeover. The customer wanted to incorporate a bench/sitting area with storage into the design, as well as more significant cabinet storage for books and binders, while still maintaining a very clean and modern overall aesthetic. We made sure to leave open wall space for the customer's art work as well.

Although not needed on a regular basis, the office is designed with two workstations, ensuring both husband and wife could work from home on the same day. The extra desk area is also handy when one of their boys needs a quiet area for homework or research projects.

Many homeowners seek guidance on how to design a home office that will help improve performance.

To ensure that you remain productive while working at home, you need to pay attention to your work environment and set up a distraction free area to function as a home office. Your home office setup can be a large, separate room, or simply a small, designated quiet corner. The key is that you want a pleasant and comfortable space that is separate from your everyday living space. It should be flexible enough to accommodate changing needs and provide a lot of storage so that you can keep needed office equipment and other materials at your fingertips.

Key Tenets When Designing a Home Office:

The combination of environmental concerns, new technologies, cost savings, and added convenience for workers is bringing an increase in the number of people who work from home. Key to maintaining productivity is a home work space that harbors an environment conducive to getting work done. The best home office designs offer separation from the main living area, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, a window and or good lighting, plenty of storage and flexibility in use. If you stick to these guidelines, you should have a home office that is both pleasant as well as productive.

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award winning working from home office ideas
working from home office ideas include a window and storage above desk
working from home office ideas include a window and storage above desk
This award winning home office design provides plenty of storage and flexibility,. The light and bright desk is located next to a tall, narrow window. The desk was place perpendicular to the window rather than right in front of it, due to the position of the bottom sill and overall height of the window. It still provides plenty of light for the desk, which also includes an integrated LED lighting system above the work surface. Additional storage and a home bar/beverage center completes the space. See Project >

working from home office ideas include flexiblity in seating and desk by window.
design a home office with lighted work surfaces and flexibile seating
design a home office with plenty of storage
This home office design includes all the tenets for a well designed home office space. The office is in a separate room (converted bedroom) with a door that closes to separate it from the living areas of the home. It is light, bright and comfortable. The main desk is positioned next to a window and includes an LED lighting system above the work surfaces. The floor plan is flexible, with a second work area included that can serve an additional person, or just more space to spread out when working on a large project. It includes plenty of storage for supplies and office equipment in the form of tall cabinets near the door. See Project >

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