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Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers

Nothing spoils the look of your fancy new closet system than a bunch of messy drawers. Closet drawers are intended to hold all the small stuff like underwear, jewelry, sunglasses, and other wardrobe accessories. But unless you keep them neat and tidy, all those little items are destined to become a jumbled mess. Use drawer organizers to solve this problem.

How to use drawer organizers in your closet to make maximum use of storage potential.

If you included drawers in your closet design, then kudos to you. Drawers are an excellent way to organize items in your closet, pantry, home office, laundry, garage, or any other room in the home. They can easily hold a lot of small items that can't easily be accommodated by hangers or other types of storage. The downside is that every time you open or close a drawer, there is the potential for the contents to shift. Even the best laid drawers can soon become a jumbled mess unless you use a drawer organizer to keep everything in its place.

    Types of Drawer Organizers for Closets and Where to Use Them

  1. Adjustable Vertical Drawer Dividers

    Drawer organizers with vertical dividers used in a baby closet
    These drawer organizers with vertical dividers were used in a baby closet to separate bibs from onesies, and tiny socks from layette gowns. As the child grows, these partitions can be moved and used for other items that may be different sizes.

    Simple, vertical dividers are one of the most practical drawer organizers you can own. The dividers run perpendicular to the front and back of the drawer box in order to partition it into two or more spaces. There are various renditions of this time-tested solution on the market. Common applications include everything from silverware organizers for kitchen drawers to larger organizers for the home office. When it comes to closet drawers, however, we recommend adjustable dividers, preferably made from wood. Unlike silverware, your clothing will probably change in size or thickness over time or even with each season. The adjustable dividers separate the inside of the drawer box into multiple spaces by slipping into routed slots. The dividers can be easily lifted and moved to a new slot. This way, you can change the width and number of partitions as your needs change. Wood is preferred because it matches the material of the drawer itself, providing more of a custom look and finish.

  2. Large Cube Style Adjustable Drawer Organizers

    Large acrylic drawer organizer with cube-shaped compartments
    This large acrylic drawer organizer with cube-shaped compartments is perfect for organizing bras, panties, and other delicate lingerie that can easily slide around and get snagged inside the drawer.

    Drawer dividers that partition the drawer both front-to-back and side-to-side creating multiple rectangular mini-sections are also useful for certain types of clothing and accessories. For example, the small square compartments are perfect for keeping your socks together. You don't even have to to roll them up into a sock ball to keep them paired which can wear out the elasticity in the hosiery cuff over time. Underwear such as bras and panties, folded silk scarves, as well as ties and belts stored in a drawer, can also benefit from large cube style organizers. Choose cube organizers made from acrylic or some other ultra-smooth material instead of wood to prevent snagging of delicate fibers. The individual compartments will protect items from damage in addition to keeping the drawer organized. Use these on 7-inch drawers with boxes at least 7-inches high.

  3. Small Organizers for Jewelry, Makeup, Hair Clips & More

    Spackle and paint before closet installation
    Small drawer organizers are great for jewelry, watches, and other small accessories. You can even use it instead of a sewing box for all your mending tools like spools of thread and extra buttons.

    Small dividers can organize all of your jewelry and tiny accessories like watches, or hair ornaments like barrettes and scrunchies. They work equally well in a vanity table drawer to organize makeup and cosmetic supplies. Even shoe laces and sewing supplies can benefit from this type of drawer organizer. They often come with multiple levels like a sewing or tackle box. If you choose one with two or three tiers of dividers, make sure the inside of your drawer box has sides at least 5-inch high.

  4. Velvet or Flocked Organizers

    velvet flocked drawer organizer for closet drawers
    The velvet flocked drawer organizer is a popular accessory for organizing the drawers in closet islands and closet hutches. Black velvet is the standard color but custom options are available.

    Velvet or flocked organizers are useful for organizing fashion eye wear and key pieces of jewelry. The velvet will cradle these fragile items while the low sides of the compartments prevent them from sliding around. Use velvet organizers on the bottom of very shallow drawers with fronts no more than 5-inches high. These types of drawer dividers are not meant to help you store maximum volume. Instead, they will turn your drawer into a kind of display case. Think of them rather as protection for favorite jewelry pieces and eyeglasses that could be scratched or broken if left to slide around willy-nilly at the bottom of the drawer.

  5. File Drawer Organizers

    File drawer organizer for papers in multifunctional living room entertainment center
    File drawer organizer in multifunctional living room entertainment center.

    File drawer organizers aren't just for home offices. You can convert any standard 10-inch closet drawer into file storage for your important papers. Use them in a wall unit, craft room, closet, or desk of course. The organizers consist of an adjustable metal frame that fits any standard width 10-inch high x 14-inch deep closet drawer. They can accommodate either legal or letter size files depending on how you set them up.

Drawer Organizers Make Life Easier!

When everything is in its place and easy to find, life simply moves along much more effortlessly. Drawer dividers are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your drawers organized so that you can find what you need when you want it. Different types are available. Use the style best suited for what you plan to keep in the drawer. You're guaranteed to be happy with the results. After all, everything is easier when you're organized.