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Floating Cabinets & Other Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

rec room with two floating cabinets for wall-mount television and storage

Floating cabinets and other wall-mounted storage solutions are all the rage these days. And it's no wonder why. The light and airy feeling created by these built-ins seems to defy gravity. Wall-mounted entertainment centers and cabinets create the illusion of more space by floating the built-ins against the wall with seemingly no support. But don't be fooled. These storage units are strong and sturdy. And they're versatile to boot with solutions for all types of storage needs.

What is a Floating Cabinet?

Floating furniture is defined as furniture that is positioned in a room so that there is space to walk around it on all sides — like an island in the ocean. Floating cabinetry, however, is not positioned in the middle of the floor. In fact, it never touches the floor at all. A floating cabinet refers to a storage system that is wall-mounted with empty space on all sides, especially the top and bottom. The cabinet is suspended in the middle of the wall and seems to "float" without being anchored to the floor or ceiling.

wall-mount entertainment center and floating cabinet
This entertainment center cabinet is wall-mounted. The storage system never touches the floor and seems to float against the wall.

Why Wall-Mounted Storage?

Wall mounted storage cabinets are very popular, and demand keeps increasing. This can be attributed, in part, to the way they help make a room appear larger. Floating cabinets don't weigh a space down like other types of built-ins or furniture. They hang on the wall like a picture and provide visual interest without using any floor space. With so many people feeling a bit claustrophobic after being stuck at home for so long during the pandemic, it's easy to understand the attraction of floating cabinets and other wall-mounted storage.

Where to use floating cabinets and other wall-mounted furniture.

Floating cabinets have numerous uses around the home as built-ins that can make a space look larger. Use them as media consoles to hold various electronics and home theater components below a wall-mounted TV. They also can be used in place of traditional furniture in the bedroom, living room, or other local. Just like other built-ins, wall-mount storage will accept drawers, cabinets, or shelving. This makes them extremely versatile. You can even surround an electric fireplace with a floating wall-mount cabinet for an upscale, custom fireplace surround.

1. In the Bedroom:

Consider using wall-mounted built-ins for your bedroom nightstands and dressers. Floating cabinets can hold a lot of folded clothing. They will visually open up the space, creating the illusion that it is larger than it really is. They're perfect for a small bedroom or even a large one that you'd like to appear even more grand. Just be sure that you know where you want to position them in the room ahead of time, as wall-mounted storage is not easy to move after it is installed.

telescoping closet valet rod, available in 5 finishes
This bedside table is mounted to the wall and never touches the floor. It still has plenty of room to support two drawers and provides storage for anything you might need next to the bed.

2. As an Entertainment Center:

Wall mounted cabinets and storage make great entertainment centers. Use a long cabinet to house your speakers, subwoofers, and video equipment. Place a television on top of the cabinet or mount it to the wall above the storage unit. Use accent pieces like a light bridge and/or separate base to add substance, anchoring the unit visually and making it the focal point of the room. Surround the storage with hidden light strips to give it a glowing appearance and further the sense that it is floating in space. Floating entertainment center cabinets work well in nearly any room including the living room, family room, den, and even the bedroom.

floating media center with wall-mount cabinet for storage
This floating media center uses a wall mounted cabinet with flip down doors for the main storage. A separate backer for the TV allows strip lighting to be placed behind the television, adding a gentle glow at night. A light bridge above and a separate base below anchor this system visually, drawing attention and making it the focal point of the room.

3. With an Electric Fireplace Surround:

Electric fireplaces are generally wall-mounted. It makes sense that the cabinets that surround them should be wall-mounted as well. A floating cabinet is a very modern and stylish look. Use it in a home with contemporary décor to enhance the overall aesthetic. Floating cabinets lend themselves to a very clean, upscale, linear look. Use them in combination with an entertainment center to make use of the extra storage they provide.

Fold out hanger holder used as closet valet
This electric fireplace surround is asymmetric in design. Although the entire system is wall-mounted just like the fireplace itself, only one side is floated above the floor. A toe kick with base is included under the television section to balance the visual weight. But this base is purely decorative, and the entire unit would function just as well without it.

Why choose floating cabinets and wall-mounted storage for your home?

Light, airy, ethereal — these words all describe the look of floating cabinets. No wonder they're so popular. Wall mounted cabinets present a fresh look with contemporary flair that looks up-to-date and modern. The clean, uncluttered appearance makes any home seem neat and orderly — even when it's not. And wall-mounted cabinets require no surface area along the floor. They thereby create the illusion of greater space and thus a larger room. Wouldn't we all like to feel a little less cramped some of the time? Practical yet glamorous, floating cabinets may be just the answer you've been looking for.