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Guest Rooms with Murphy Beds

Versatile home office and guest room with Murphy bed

How to Create a Guest Bedroom that Balances Comfort with Versatility.

With the holiday season upon us, many homeowners will see a surge in their need for guest rooms. Children return to the family nest for special family gatherings, often with a spouse and kids of their own in tow. After the holiday season is over, the extra sleeping space is no longer needed. Unless you have a very large home, dedicated guest bedrooms that are only used one week per year pose a problem. The solution is to create versatile spaces that gets used all year round but can be called into service as a comfortable private bedroom when needed. The best way to achieve this is with a Murphy bed.

Overnight visitors arriving to guest room with Murphy bed
Overnight visitors arrive to a private guest room with Murphy bed that is used as a home office the rest of the year.

The holidays are a time for family togetherness. The need for temporary bedrooms to accommodate overnight visitors increases between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day as families reunite to celebrate the season. At the same time, the amount of open space in the home often declines due to the installation of Christmas trees and other holiday décor. The solution is to design your home with versatile spaces that can serve more than one purpose. The easiest way to make a room do double duty as a guest bedroom is through the installation of a Murphy bed.

Murphy Beds: Durable and Comfortable

Wall beds, the generic term for a Murphy bed, can be just as comfortable as a regular bed. A quality bed system will hold an eight-inch deep mattress on a European style slate wood support. Many Americans look at the relatively thin depth of the mattress and think it couldn't possibly be comfortable. However, this is far from the truth. The wood slats are bent and springy, providing surprising comfort. They are also very durable and will usually last a lifetime. This makes the bed system a very good value, as the mattress is the only item that ever needs to be replaced. Most people find this type of bed to be far more comfortable than a sofa bed. It's even comfortable enough to use as your everyday bed without developing a backache!

Slat wood support for Murphy bed
The slat wood support for higher quality Murphy beds is durable, springy and comfortable, allowing for a thinner mattress.

Ideal Spaces for Guest Rooms with Murphy Beds

  • Combination Home Office Guest Room Design:

    Spare bedrooms, when available, are usually assigned to the smallest bedroom in the home. By coincidence, the home office is also frequently placed in the smallest bedroom. Why not use the same room for both functions? In fact, many homeowners who need a place to work from home in addition to a guest room come to this conclusion. A Murphy bed with cabinetry built around it provides the best possible solution. You can store all of your office materials and equipment in the cabinets. The bed raises up on end and stores vertically inside the wall unit. It is completely concealed from view. Hidden behind a custom paneled exterior, the room looks professional and businesslike. When visitors arrive, simply move the desk and fold down the bed to create a comfortable guest bedroom.
    Home office guest room design with Murphy bed
    Home office guest room design with Murphy bed.
  • Den / Guest Room Combination:

    This den serves several purposes. It is the comfortable space where the owner relaxes on his reclining sofa in front of the TV. It also serves as a home office for those "work from home" days when he doesn't need to go into the office. It is also the spare bedroom where guests are housed for overnight visits. The wall unit with the television conceals a queen size Murphy bed that folds out horizontally. The flat screen TV remains attached to the wall, ending up face down a few inches above the floor. Although unusual, it's convenient. Nothing in the room needs to be moved or disconnected to convert it to a comfortable guest quarters.
    Den that converts to guest room with Murphy bed hidden behing TV
    Wall bed concealed behind TV in den/home office/guest room.
  • Rec Room / Guest Room Design:

    On the surface, the idea of a guest room in the basement may seem unwelcoming to many. However, this multi-purpose basement rec room/home office/overnight guest room proves that that even below grade space can be warm and inviting. With the right bedding and accessories, this fold away bed transforms the room into a very elegant and welcoming multi-purpose guest room. The storage system that surrounds the Murphy bed offers hidden pull-out bedside tables in addition to shelves and drawers. The wall unit desks provide a place to work from home, pay bills or help a child with homework. A wall unit with shelving and cabinets wraps three sides of the room.
    Rec room in basement with queen-size Murphy bed and built-in desks
    Basement rec room converts to a large guest bedroom with a queen size Murphy bed. The large open room is usually reserved for yoga, homework and teen parties.
  • Double Guest Room:

    Add room for extra friends and guests by placing a Murphy bed into an existing bedroom. An integrated wall unit and desk system that surrounds the wall bed. it adds needed storage and a study area while using less space than a traditional separate bed, desk and dresser. It's a great idea for holidays when family members come to visit, or sleep overs year-round.
    Girls bedroom with Murphy bed for guests
    Girls bedroom with Murphy bed for guests and sleep overs".

Murphy beds are the best way to create a guest bedroom that balances comfort with versatility. Although durable and comfortable enough to sleep in everyday, the beds fold away so completely that the room can be used as a home office, den or other space without any hint of its guest room function. Install a Murphy bed when you need a place to put occasional overnight guests, but don't have enough space in your home for a dedicated guest room. You'll be surprised at the comfort they provide, and your guests will thank you for it.