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New Trends in Hardware Finishes for Closets

What to expect in Home Hardware Finishes for 2020 & Beyond

Hardware trends for closets closely follow those for kitchen design and other areas of the home. Stainless steel finishes in both the polished and brushed variant have dominated home hardware selections for several years. However, new finishes are gaining in popularity around the home. Metallic Slate Gray, Matte Gold, and Black/Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are in high demand for cabinet and drawer pulls, kitchen faucets, light fixtures, and also closet accessories.

One of the newest finishes expected to dominate home décor and closets for 2020 is the neutral, Metallic Slate Gray.

Jewelry organizer for closet in Slate Gray hardware finish
This custom closet features organizer accessories in the new Slate Gray finish including a pull-out jewelry organizer tray.

Hardware Finishes for the Upcoming Year

Slate Gray

MacBook Pro in Space Gray
The newest "hot" color for hardware finishes is Metallic Slate Gray. Gray metal was introduced back in 2016 by Apple Inc. as a new finish for its laptop computers. While other companies were pushing black finishes, Apple went with a medium metallic gray tone that proved very popular and has slowly wound its way throughout the home since then. It is expected to be one of the dominate finishes for all closet hardware in 2020.

Valet pole for closet in Slate Gray hardware finish
This telescoping valet pole is one of the most popular accessories for custom closet design. Shown in the new Slate Gray finish, it coordinates well with the blues, grays, and light colors trending throughout the home and closet.

Matte Gold

Polished brass, which is a shiny gold tone color, dominated fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms and closets from the mid 1980s to the early 2000s. That color has been reinvented in a new light. Today's gold is softer, with a brushed finish rather than the highly reflective polished finish. The new gold is more feminine. Its brushed finish parallels the popularity of the Brushed Chrome finish which has outstripped demand the old standby, Polished Chrome, over the last decade. Matte Gold is predicted to continue its rise and take over more and more homes over the next decade.

Shoe Fence for closet shelves in Matte Gold hardware finish
These shoe fences display the softer, Matte Gold hardware finish. The color looks great against the white laminate in the closet.

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze is probably the most versatile finish on the market. Depending on the light, Black and Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze colors can appear to be the same. Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze has a more complex, rich undertone than pure Black, however. Bronze metal is made by blending copper and tin. Subtle copper highlights are a hallmark of finishes in this color. It blends with nearly everything in a way that plain Black cannot. It looks modern but works well with antiques as well. The dark color stands out against the increasingly popular white and light cabinet colors, making a dramatic statement.

Closet Organizers in the Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware finish
These closet organizers feature the Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware finish. Almost black, the color has dark reddish-brown undertones visible when the light shines on it.


Black is also commonly referred to as Carbon or Graphite. It is similar to Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze but features gray undertones rather than the warm, coppery highlights present in the dark Bronze. Many homeowners will use these colors interchangeably with a predominance of the Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze. A small amount of black interspersed with the Oil Rubbed Bronze gives the appearance of greater age to a few items. This can be an advantage when used with Farmhouse and other designs. When used alone, however, the Black has a more contemporary feel to it. It presents a striking contrast to other features in the room and stands out against a light background color. As a color, Black never goes out of style and it works well with modern architecture and stainless steel.

Closet Organizers in the Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware finish
Black is a classic color that is increasingly popular, especially in homes with a modern aesthetic.

In late 2018 and throughout 2019 we saw the rise of Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/Black and Matte Gold hardware finishes. These colors complement the increased use of white cabinetry and warmer neutrals trending throughout the design industry. The new Matte Gold offers a fresh spin on gold tones. It is a warmer, richer tone lacking the hard edge of the old shiny brass from two decades ago. Today's Oil Rubbed Bronze is darker than the lighter finish by that same name from a few years ago and varies in tone from a deep expresso color with warm brown and copper undertones to pure black. It too pairs well with white and the new warm neutrals trending in cabinet and closet design. The stark contrast presents a very modern look sought after by many homeowners. Demand for these finishes will continue to grow in 2020, with the addition of Slate Gray hardware and accessories.

That being said, the old standbys of Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome are here to stay, at least for the near term. They blend well with stainless steel appliances and the gray color scheme that dominates a lot of modern home decor. Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome won't be leaving American homes any time soon. Expect instead to see more options in hardware finishes to complement the warmer color palettes that will continue into 2020.

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Closet with Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware.
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White walk-in closet in with black hardware.
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Closet belt organizer in slate gray hardware finish
This closet belt organizer in slate gray finish displays one of the latest trends in hardware finishes for closets. The popular slate gray color is a metallic finish similar to the one used on Apple MacBook computers. See more accessories >

Custom closet with organizers in matte gold hardware finish
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