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Organize a Kid's Homework Area for Your Child

Good Home Organization Goes a Long Way Towards Helping Young Children with School

There are plenty of studies showing that well-organized children perform better in school. The key to helping your children get organized so that they can get better grades is realizing that this is something that starts at home.

Most households, especially those with young children, are very busy places. The last-minute rush to get things done is a common occurrence and often unavoidable. That doesn't mean you want your children to wait until the final hour to start or finish their big science project or other major school assignments. Setting up an appropriate kid's homework area where the students can work on larger school projects, leaving them out in a state of partial completion between work sessions, is imperative to success.

An organized craft room often makes the perfect homework space for big school assignments like science projects or artsy modeling clay dioramas.

Children building an erupting volcano at home
These children are building an erupting volcano as the quintessential messy homework project. Luckily, they have a separate craft space/kid's homework area in their home where things can be left out while in-progress without disrupting the rest of the household.

Whether studying for college ACT/SATs or final exams, older children need a study area that is distraction-free. They are best situated in a quiet home office or a desk in the bedroom depending on what type of set-up your situation and economics will allow. Younger kids also have schoolwork to complete. The nature of their assignments, however, is different and often involve more hands-on crafty work rather than straight studying from a book. They need a different kind of workspace to be successful in these assignments.

A teen and a younger child doing different types of homework
Homework is different for older students than for younger ones. This teen studies alone in a quiet home office while the younger child learns the alphabet by completing a craft assignment with the help of Mom.

All students, no matter what age, will need a place where they can leave things out. You cannot expect that all assignments will be able to be completed in a single homework session. The kitchen has long been recruited as a space where the younger children work on school assignments. This can work fine if you have space for a separate desk in your kitchen that can be used for this purpose. The kitchen table is not recommended, however, because the space needs to be available for dining, preventing in-progress projects from being left out for multiple days. You also do not want your child's homework/craft space to be the same place you sit down to pay bills, as the messy craft projects are bound to take over.

child works on cut and paste crafty school project
A school assignment that is heavy on cut and paste is better completed away from the kitchen table so that it can be left out for multiple days with no worry about food or grease stains ruining your child's work.

If you don't/can't have a desk in or near your kitchen for your young ones that can be dedicated to providing your child with a place to work uninterrupted on schoolwork, consider a separate craft space in your home that can also do double duty as a homework space. This is generally the best solution for those super messy projects that involve modeling clay or lots of cutting and pasting.

child works on leaf identification project in craft room for homework assignment
This child is working on leaf identification project for her science class. The home has a designated craft area that provides a perfect space to complete this homework assignment.

A craft area that is located near but not in the kitchen is ideal for the younger child's school assignments. Among its many advantages, it can often acommodate more than one person at a time, providing space for adult supervision or group work involving more than one child. For this reason, the craft area also works well for big science projects. It's a space where the whole crew can gather together to work on the assignment together.

If you don't have a separate craft room, setting aside a smaller area somewhere in the home can be just as effective. This might be as simple as a desk or table area in the family room. The important thing is to provide a distinct homework space for your young children that is also close enough to where the adults are so that supervision can be provided when needed. Additionally, it needs to be distinct enough so that big school projects can be left out over multiple days or weeks without interferring with the running of the household.

small kids homework area
This small desk provides an efficient study/homework area for your children. The cabinets next to it can be used to store supplies needed for your children's projects.

By creating a high-quality, separate separate area for schoolwork, you are investing in your children's future. The ability to provide this distinct, quality homework space will help improve overall organization in their lives. Whether it is a separate desk, shared craft corner or some other place you set aside for big homework projects, the space will lead to better performance in school and ultimately, better grades and test scores.

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In-home art space can be used as a messy homework space.
In-home art space can be used as a messy homework space. See Project >

Craft rooms work well as homework space for long-term school projects.
Craft rooms work well as homework space for long-term school projects. See Project >

This home organization system combines homework space, craft storage and entertainment center into a single piece of furniture
This home organization system combines homework space, craft storage and entertainment center into a single piece of furniture. See Project >

Home organization ideas include combining craft storage with homework space.
This craft corner is located in a previous breakfast nook off the kitchen. At only 8' x 8', it provides a great homework space for younger children. See Project >

Craft storage cabinet with pull-out desk as homework space.
Craft storage cabinet with pull-out desk as homework space in living room. See Project >