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Garage Storage Ideas

garage storage

Need ideas for garage storage? With everyone now working, schooling, plus spending the majority of leisure time at home, the clutter builds up. When we run out of room inside the house, most families will turn to the garage as a place to just leave stuff. We all try to stay organized, but it's difficult. However, it doesn't have to be. Try these garage storage ideas to alleviate the problems and make your home feel more spacious.

Get organized with these 5 ideas for garage storage.

Many families use their garage as a giant closet. It's where we leave all the stuff that we think we want, but don't know what to do with it. Bikes, toys, power tools, sporting goods, garden implements, lawnmowers, snowblowers, an extra refrigerator — you name it, it's probably out in the garage. The key to staying on top of the clutter situation is having a place for everything. That way it all has a place to go and it's easy to stay organized. Garages fill up so fast that many don't even have room for a car.

Make sure all your storage spaces are organized. An organized cabinet or closet holds much more than one where everything is just shoved inside. The garage is no exception. As the traditional "messiest room in the house," the garage can be a challenge to organize. It the place where we leave stuff when we simply don't know what else to do with it. The result is often a landfill sized pile in the middle of the floor. But it doesn't have to be that way. A garage can hold a lot more than you might think and still have room for a car. The key is getting it organized with storage solutions on all the walls and across the ceiling.

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  1. Garage Cabinets & Shelves

    Custom garage cabinets for storage
    The best garage storage ideas include some sort of cabinets or shelving with doors to keep everything off the floor and protected from dirt.

    What is a cabinet, after all, but a bank of shelves with a door over the front to conceal the contents? Shelving and cabinets are the backbone of all highly organized garage storage systems. You should definitely include some in your garage. Build the cabinets and shelves between 14 and 20-inches deep for maximum usability. You want them deep enough for the big stuff, but shallow enough so that they are still useful for storing smaller items likes cans of motor oil, brake fluid, etc. This is also the needed depth for pull-out wire baskets and other functional storage accessories. The height of your system will depend on whether you want to store anything on top of the cabinets. You can run them up to the ceiling or stop them a little shy so that you can store your oversized items like a kayak or sled on top. A well-designed system of the shelves and cabinets will offer a place for just about anything you could want to store.

    Make sure your cabinets and shelves do not touch the concrete floor. The concrete garage floor is a porous material that is subject to snow melt and rain runoff from cars and other vehicles. Moisture could wick up from the floor and spoil both the cabinet and its contents. To avoid this, install small feet or "legs" on your storage system so that it is at least 3-inches off the floor. You could also suspend your shelves from a closet rail system to keep them off the floor, but there will be weight limitations with this type of construction. Because garage cabinets are often used as a place to lock away heavy bags of fertilizer, lawn chemicals, and heavy sporting goods like bowling balls, a floor-based system with legs is the preferred method of construction.

  2. Overhead Storage

    Overhead garage storage
    Overhead ceiling storage is the best way to store those extra-large bins of seasonal goods and oversize items that don't easily fit on shelves or in cabinets.

    Your garage ceiling can provide just as much storage as the walls. Special overhead shelving platforms that attach to the ceiling can store the big stuff that won't fit anywhere as well as bins of things you don't use very often. All those bins of Christmas decorations and old school projects you want to save and give back to your children when they are older need a place to go. Put them on overhead storage platforms in your garage. Don't worry about head room. The platforms can be positioned so that they are suspended over your car's hood. They won't be in the way when you get out of the car. To access items in the overhead storage, simply pull the car out of the garage and use a step stool or ladder to grab what you need.

  3. Wall Track Organizers

    Wall track idea for garage storage
    Use the garage walls to hang toys and tools so that they are off the floor and neatly organized. This Omni wall track system uses three rows of aluminum wall track to secure different types of movable hocks that hold all the toys and sporting goods.

    Wall track systems are the next generation to follow old-fashioned pegboard. Like pegboard, the tracks install against the wall and provide the foundation for a system of for movable hooks. Hang everything on the wall from long, skinny fishing poles, rakes, leaf blowers, garden hoses, and more by using a track system. Unlike the individual holes found in pegboard, however, this next-gen product works as a system of grooved tracks that accepts all sorts of tool storage hooks and containers. Simply slide the hook to a new position when you need to move it. It doesn't matter whether the items you hang are large or small. The sturdier track systems are made from aluminum and can hold a lot of weight without bending or cracking. Secure the individual tracks to the wall studs for the greatest weight-bearing capacity. Space one or more rows of track on a wall to organize different sized items. For maximum flexibility, cover the entire wall by installing one track over the other like shiplap. Either way, when a good track system is in place, almost anything can be hung from the walls, providing instant organization.

  4. Built-In Tool Benches

    Custom built-in tool benches in a garage
    This garage is equipped with custom tool benches, cabinets, shelves, and a wall of Omni Track for small tool organization. The Omni wall track is installed like shiplap above the tool bench to form a wall of adjustable organization where hooks can be placed nearly anywhere.

    Built-in tool benches provide both organization and a work surface for those large or messy projects you'd rather keep out of the house. They offer a place for drilling, sawing, soldering, and assembly as well as store for the accompanying tools that go with this kind of activity. Many avid gardeners also like to include a tool bench to be used as a potting bench inside the garage. The garage is a convenient place to organize pots and garden tools. Cabinets that store fertilizer and chemicals can be fitted with locks. This safety feature is beneficial for families with small children and pets.

  5. Bike Storage

    Garage storage idea for bikes
    These bicycles are suspended from the ceiling on a pulley system. Use the attached rope to raise and lower the bikes when needed.

    There are numerous ways to organize bicycles in the garage. The best solution will depend on the age of the user and the frequency that the bike is needed. When it comes to bikes for small children that are used on a daily basis, accessibility is key. Place their bikes and trikes on easy to access bike hooks. You will still have to hang them up yourself at the end of the day and take them down in the morning, but at least they will be off the garage floor so that you will have room for the car. Omni Track and other wall track systems provide special easy to use bike hooks. This is the most convenient way to store small bikes and trikes for your little ones. Older children and adults have more options in bicycle storage. Hooks that attach to the bottom of the overhead storage bins and pulley systems are designed to hang the bikes from the ceiling. These work well for bikes that are used on weekends or occasionally as it takes more effort to access the bicycle stored in this manner. Floor racks can be practical if the bikes are used for daily transportation needs and provide easiest access.

A Good Garage Storage System Will Make Your Home Feel Bigger!

Nothing makes a home feel too small than piles of cluttered mess everywhere you look. And the garage is traditionally the biggest offender in this category. Get the mess organized and up off the floor with some garage organizers. You'll be amazed at the difference this can make and surprised by how much space you really have.