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Ideas for Small Laundry Room Organization

Working with Tiny Laundry Rooms

The laundry room is usually one of the most unglamorous, utilitarian spaces in the home. It is often taken for granted and goes largely unappreciated until the appliances break down and you are forced to use a public laundry facility. At that point, nearly everyone will come to value the convenience of an in-home laundry. The typical laundry room is a tiny space. Based on typical sizes, a more accurate description would be laundry closet rather than calling it a room. No matter what size, however, chances are your laundry room needs to pack a lot of storage and function into a relatively small space.

A well-thought-out and pleasant laundry facility, no matter how small, will take some of the drudgery out of washing clothes — especially for large families.

There is a lot that can be done with a small laundry room. Shelves and cabinets either above the washer and dryer or next to them, depending on whether you have a side-by-side or a stacking unit, can handle all your detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry sundries. This keeps everything organized. Accessories such as collapsible drying racks mounted to the walls or doors, pull-out hanger holders, fold away countertops and pull-out ironing boards can further increase functionality, ensuring there is a place for all of your laundry needs.

Ideas for small laundry room organization
This the simple design of this small laundry room manages to pack a lot of punch despite the tiny space. Even though the side-by-side washer and dryer take up most of the real estate in this laundry room, shelves and organizer accessories ensure that there is room for everything. The space is approximately the size of a standard bedroom closet. Never-the-less, shelves above the washing machine hold laundry essentials. Two extendible drying racks mounted on the side walls provide plenty of space for drip-dry sweaters, pantyhose and delicates that can't go in the dryer. A telescoping valet pole mounted under the bottom shelf provides the ability to hang clothing on a hanger when needed. Bright purple paint keeps the little space cheerful.

5 Laundry Organizer Accessories to Maximize Functionality in Small Laundry Rooms

  1. Shelves: Shelves are the backbone of all organizer systems and laundry rooms are no exception. Find space either above or next to your washer and dryer for some shelves. They are the most important organizer you can invest in and you can never have too many.
    adjustable shelves are the backbone of any laundry organization system
  2. Fold-Away Drying Racks: The modern clothes dryer is certainly more convenient than the old-fashioned method of hanging laundry out to air dry. However, some articles of clothing are better kept out of the dryer and allowed to drip-dry. Sweaters, swimsuits and delicate wash are among those items. They are better left to dry on a clothes rack. There are many on the market for this purpose but fitting them into a small laundry room can be a problem. Wall mounted expandable drying racks solve this problem. Meant to be installed against a wall or the back of a door, these racks take of very little space because they virtually disappear when not in use.
    Fold-away drying rack for drip dry clothing and small laundry rooms
    The fold-away drying rack is mounted to the wall and nearly invisible when not in use.
  3. Fold-Out Ironing Boards: Ironing boards are a very practical addition to any laundry room. The only problem with them is that the traditional full-size board takes up too much space in a small laundry room. Consider using a fold-out ironing board instead. They are available in models that fold up and store horizontally inside of a drawer or vertically inside a cabinet.
    Fold-out ironing board adds functionality to small laundry rooms
    This built-in ironing board folds in half and stores inside a drawer when not in use. It is perfect for this small laundry space located next to the back door of this home. See Project >
  4. Hanger Holders/Valet Poles: It's nice to have a clothes rod in your laundry space so that you can hang shirts and blouses up as soon as they come out of the dryer and avoid wrinkling. Most small laundry rooms don't have room for this feature, however. If your laundry room can't accommodate a clothes rod, consider a retractable valet pole or other fold away hanger holder to serve the same function without requiring any permanent square footage in the room.
    Valet pole accommodates hangers for small laundry rooms without clothes rods
    The telescoping valet pole on the right and fold-away hanger holder on the left both offer a viable solution for hanging clothes in a small space.
  5. Fold Away Countertop: A countertop for folding clothes is a "must have" feature for many homeowners. When your laundry is located in what is basically a closet, however, it is unlikely that you will have space for a long countertop. This is especially true if you have a stackable laundry arrangement rather than a side-by-side washer and dryer which can usually incorporate some sort of folding surface above the machines. Consider a folding countertop as either a supplemental surface for sorting and folding laundry or even as the only countertop. This type of countertop flips down flat against the wall or back of the door when not in use, freeing up space.
    Fold away counter top for folding clothes in a small laundry room
    Including some sort of countertop for sorting and folding clothes increases the functionality of any laundry room. This one can be used as a supplemental or primary folding surface depending on your needs.

No one really likes to do laundry but having a well-designed space that is cheerful and functional, no matter what the size, will make this dreaded chore more pleasant. If you have a small laundry room, consider installing some organizing accessories that increase the usability of the space. The 5 best small laundry room organizers are shelves, fold-away drying racks, fold-out ironing boards, hanger holders or telescoping valet poles that can replace the functionality of a clothes rods with a far smaller footprint, and a fold away countertop for sorting and folding laundry. A cheerful paint job can also brighten your mood while succumbing to the drudgery that is laundry. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel about this chore with a clean, bright space and a little organizational help.

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Combination laundry room and utility room features a stackable washer and dryer with shelves and hanger hooks
This laundry room is located inside a small utility closet. Laundry room organizers were installed in the form of a bank of shelves to one side of the stacking washer and dryer. Two sizes of shelving units were used to work around the condominiums venting system. A small countertop was included over the larger, lower shelves to provide a surface for sorting and folding clothes as they are taken out of the dryer. A telescoping valet pole provides a spot to hang a garment on a hanger when needed. This solution allows the owner to hang shirts and blouses as they come out of the dryer even though the space is too small to accommodate a traditional clothes rod.
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mudroom with rain gear, jackets and backpacks
This simple laundry space includes plenty of upper cabinets and shelves for laundry baskets, detergent, etc. It also features a vertical fold-out ironing board that hides away when not in use. A countertop was installed above the side-by-side washer and dryer to pride a nice area for sorting and folding clothes.
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Custom bedroom suite with desk for room with angled ceiling
This basement laundry room occupies a small narrow space across from the utility room. At one time, the space was part of the furnace room in an old commercial factory. A lot of features were packed into the small, awkward space, such as a sink cabinet with drawers that fit around the pipes below, a pull-out garbage can, shelves for laundry baskets, and cabinets that enclose support columns holding up the first floor of the home.
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Closet for a young girl
This small laundry area with sink and cabinets is located next to the back door of the home. It occupies 1/2 of a very short hallway with a mudroom organization system on the opposite wall to store jackets and shoes.
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