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Boost Drama and Home Value with Eco-Friendly LED Lighting for Closets

Closet Lighting is an Easy Home Improvement that Increases a Home's Appeal and Offers High ROI

closets increase resale value

Installing landscape lighting has long been recommended by relators as a simple and inexpensive way to quickly increase a home's appeal and value. Did you also know, however, that closet LED lights can have a similar effect inside the home? Closet LED lights add instant drama to the bedroom or any room in which they are installed. They are also a luxury home improvement that is still relatively uncommon, making your home stand out from the competition when it comes time to sell. However, closet lighting is gaining in popularity as more and more homeowners discover this inexpensive upgrade with high ROI.

Top Reasons to Install Lighting for Closets Throughout the Home:

  1. Eco Friendly: Closet lighting is environmentally friendly. The LED light fixtures radiate little heat, resulting in lower energy use and energy conservation. In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, LED closet lights are also powerful. High quality systems have a rich and saturated color that dramatically illuminates any room in which they are used. lighting for closets is eco-friendly
  2. closet lighting componentsEasy to Install: LED closet lighting systems are low voltage and do not need to be wired inside the wall. The strip or puck lights used in the closet are connected with low voltage wires that can easily be concealed behind a piece of trim or under the bottom shelf. The controllers used to turn the lights on and off are completely wireless, making installation easy for anyone who is handy with tools.
    lighting for closets is easy to install
  3. Creates an Unforgettable Interior and Storage: Make your house stand out from other similar homes. LED closet lighting systems elevate the mundane into a work of art. Your closet can become a focal point rather than just utilitarian storage. Everyone loves having more storage. No one has ever bought a house and complained that it has too much storage. If you have beautiful closet systems in place that maximize the storage potential, why not highlight this feature? Your buyers will remember it and your home will stand out from the competition. lighting for closets can be dramatic
  4. Increased Functionality: LED closet lighting systems will make your home easier to live in. Task lights in a puck style offer concentrated light over closet islands, peninsulas, hutches, or anyplace you have a countertop in the closet. This allows that space to be used to stage papers for the office, jewelry collections, and more. Strip lights can be used below shelves or along the vertical panels of the closet to make it easier to select shoes, clothing and accessories. This is especially helpful when items are similar in hue or dark in color. Nothing is worse than showing up at work and realizing that you are wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. closet lighting enhances ability to find shoes
  5. High Demand at Resale: Closet lighting makes it look like you spent a lot of money on the closet, even if you didn't. It offers a luxurious sensation that few buyers can ignore. According to Closets Magazine, the trade magazine for the closet industry, closet lighting is now requested by 31% of new closet system buyers. It is the second fastest growing segment in the closet industry after soft close hardware. lighting for closets enhances home value

Why Add Closet Lighting to Your Home?

We've all heard of "curb appeal," but how about "doorway appeal?" It's true that you need to get your buyer out of the car and in through the front door in order to sell the house. However, you also want them to love the interior. Most won't buy based on the exterior alone. When a lot of similar homes are for sale, closet lighting could be the key feature that sets your home apart from the others. It's highly functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. Closet lighting can make a humble closet look grand, enhancing the buyer's perception of the property. The low voltage illumination is relatively inexpensive and easy to install either on your own, through the services of a handyman, or with a professional closet organization company. LED closet lighting is also eco-friendly. It has a low energy consumption and emits very little heat no matter whether you choose bright, task lights or under shelf and vertical panel lighting to highlight your clothing and accessories. Buyers perceive that they are getting something special and are often willing to pay more for the home with the superior lit up storage system.