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10 Master Bedroom Closet Ideas

Master bedroom closet ideas, including built-in closet organizers
This walk-in men's closet features many custom built-ins and closet organizers. A built-in dresser sits opposite a custom framed mirror and storage chest. The far wall includes a lot of organized storage, including the Engage line of closet accessories.

You can never have too much closet space — and that statement is so true in master bedrooms. It’s not just a place to put clothes, but also a good spot for shoes, jewelry, bedding, linens and more. Wondering how to design a master bedroom closet that can handle all of your needs? Read below for some of our favorite master closet ideas.

1. Use a Built-In Organization System

Lots of master bedroom closets are relatively bare, featuring places to hang clothes, maybe a few shelves and not much else. One of the best upgrades you can make is a customized organization system.

Think of it like designing your wardrobe. Not only can you choose materials and finishes, but you can also add shelving designed specifically for shoes, storage boxes, trousers, or something else. Add drawers to organize accessories and other smaller items.

Master bedroom closet with built-in closet organization system
This space before the closet/dressing room renovation served as a home office. It's location between the master bedroom and master bath made it a perfect candidate for a new closet dressing room.

2. Create an Island or Peninsula

This is a big trend in master bedroom closet ideas right now. It takes a bit of space, but if you have that space, a closet island is so worthwhile. Choose a model with several smaller drawers, and you’ll have plenty of room to store jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, fragrances and more. The countertop can serve as a beautiful display space for some of your favorite pieces, or it can make a great workspace where you can add jewelry and do makeup in the mornings. A peninsula is similar to an island, but it abuts the wall on one side, providing walk-around access on three sides only. This does not mean less storage. Closet dimensions are the main determining factor when choosing between an island and a closet peninsula.

Master bedroom closet with custom closet island/peninsula for storage
This master closet design is an open closet style that puts everything on display rather than conceals. The center closet island/peninsula is the focal point of the space.

3. Cut Clutter with Cube Storage

Cube storage is square shelving with or without matching square canvas drawers that sit inside the cubes. The cubes can be constructed to any size, but a 12-inch x 12-inch cube will hold standard canvas "drawers". This type of storage has been popular for a while now. Open cubes are often used to hold shoes, wine bottles, and more. In the closet, it’s a great way to stash a lot of belongings.

Cube storage is so versatile. Use the canvas cube drawers like baskets as a place to put socks and undergarments, makeup palettes, small toys, or items from around the house that don’t have a good storage space elsewhere. Try open cubbies for footwear, purses, and small boxed or folded items.

Master bedroom closet with cube storage used for purses
This master bedroom closet uses cubes for storage of small purses and items kept in boxes.

4. Inventory Your Needs

One of the biggest parts about modern closet design is that it’s no longer comprised mainly of "off the shelf" solutions. More and more designers recognize the fact that people have unique needs, from the guy who has an enormous tie collection to the baseball cap collector, or even those who need floor-to-ceiling shoe storage.

What does this mean? You’re free to dispense with traditional designs and, instead, create a closet space that fits your needs.

Wall of shoe storage inside a closet
The owner of this closet needed a considerable amount of extra storage for her shoes and clothing. She built a large master closet directly under the master bedroom in the basement of her small ranch home to address these needs.

5. Subdivide Your Storage Space

Part of what makes everything feel so organized in a beautifully designed closet is that everything is ordered by category. In more old-fashioned master closets, you might only have one or two bars for hanging clothes. Breaking that into several smaller sections lets you do a lot more.

You can have his-and-her sections of the closet, for example, or you can easily sort hanging clothes by categories such as dresses, long-sleeved blouses, short sleeves, etc.

The same is true for shelving and drawer systems. As an example, in a his-and-hers-style closet, think about installing two sets of drawers or shelves to balance everything.

6. Maximize Space with Rotating Storage

You’re probably quite familiar with the small version of the lazy Susan — the countertop style, or corner cabinets in the kitchen that rotate so that you can store more items and access them easily.

Did you know that you can do the same thing in your closets, except on an even larger scale? Smaller rotating corner cabinets can be a great place to store shoes and other objects — but larger, floor-to-ceiling rotating cabinets open possibilities. It gives you space to hang handbags, organize shoes on shelves, and you can even use one section to put up a full-length mirror. Search for ideas on this one, and you’ll find there are lots of things you can do with large rotating cabinets!

Rotating storage inside a walk-in closet
This long, narrow walk-in closet uses the 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner, a rotating closet organizer, to contain all the shoes. Other closet organizers subdivide the space into areas for hanging pants, another for blouses, shelves for sweaters, and yet another longer hanging section for dresses.

7. Add Seating

Seating can make the closet a lot more useful. Most people think of larger walk-in closets when considering how to add closet seating. But there are ways to add seating to smaller walk-in closets as well. A bench seat makes a great spot to sit and try on shoes or socks. Stools around an island, closet hutch, or built-in vanity make it a more comfortable place to plan your accessories or apply makeup while inside the closet.

Small master bedroom closet with seating
Try adding a comfortable stool like this one as a seating idea for your small master bedroom closet.

8. Don’t Skimp on Lighting

This is another big idea that will make your master bedroom closet so much more useful. We often think of closet space as nothing more than storage space — but, as mentioned above, larger walk-in closets are more like a staging area where you’ll spend time getting ready for the day. Great lighting makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for, and to put together amazing outfits. Plus, it has the advantage of making the space seem larger and showing off everything you have on display.

At the least, consider lighting for shelves and hanging clothes to make everything more visible. If you have mirrors, try lighting around the mirrors to make it easier to see details. Finally, don’t forget about overhead lighting — track lighting that you can aim at certain areas, a chandelier or whatever fits your style as long as it illuminates the entire space.

Master bedroom closet dressing room with a LED light system
This closet uses under shelf lighting to illuminate the hanging areas, strip lighting behind the crown moulding to provide ambient light, and LED puck lights over the built-in vanity for task lighting.

9. Highlight a Window — or Convert a Spare Bedroom

Lots of homes just don’t feature enormous master closets. Older homes tended to keep closets smaller, so you may not even have a walk-in space. Modern homes have corrected that, but even so, the master closet may only be large enough to stand in, without a whole lot of extra space.

If you’re doing a major remodel, there’s a good chance you can use an adjoining spare bedroom to fix that problem. Create a doorway off the master bedroom to the spare room and transform it into a closet.

This is a great way to capitalize on one major feature that most closets don’t have: a window. Nothing beats natural sunlight for lighting a space and making it feel fresher. Even in closets that don’t feature a window, if you can find a way to add one — even a skylight — it’ll make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Master bedroom closet dressing room with a window
This master bedroom closet is designed to take advantage of the window which provides natural lighting and brightens the space. It also employs a judicious use of both open and closed storage components within the closet organizing system.

10. Open Storage vs. Closed Storage

Among ideas, this one is up to you — and there are a couple of considerations you’ll need to make before choosing between open storage or closed storage. Open storage means you can see everything: all the clothes, shoes, everything on shelves, etc. Closed storage covers everything with cabinet doors.

The first deciding factor is your style. Do you want to show off your carefully curated wardrobe? If so, open storage might be the way to go. On the other hand, closed storage is perfect for people who want to keep everything looking sleek and uncluttered. You can even do a mixture of both — open storage to show off a few carefully selected items, and some closed cabinets to hide the rest.

The next factor to consider is cost. Closed storage requires additional materials and labor on account of the doors, so it will cost you a bit more than open storage.

Ready to put these master bedroom closet ideas to work?

These are just some closet ideas for master bedroom makeovers — there are lots more to consider. When you’re ready to start, contact us!