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Optimal Shoe Storage & Organization: Shoe Rack for Closet/Types of Closet Shoe Shelves

Closet shoe shelves

Should I Choose a Built-In Shoe Rack or Closet Shoe Shelves?

Shoes are expensive and investing in good organization and storage solutions for your shoe and boot collection is the price you pay for being a shoe collector! Finding the perfect solution to storing an extensive collection of footwear is a goal of every shoe lover. Whether you are lucky enough to be able to set aside an entirely separate shoe closet, have a corner in a large walk-in closet that can hold a rotating shoe rack, or simply need to organize a few shelves in a small reach-in, there are a number of tricks to organizing shoes that are common to every shoe storage system:

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  • Whatever type of closet you have, maximize the space to make every inch functional. From utilizing ceiling and wall space, to the floor, nothing is off limits to ensure storing all things in the most efficient way. *Source Chaos to Order
  • Adjustable shelves are best because you can store like-heighted shoes together. For example, boots in one large section and flats in a small section. Being able to adjust the shelves according to the height of the shoe definitely helps maximize storage space. In the summer, it's easy to fit lots of flat shoes and flip flops in a space, but then it gets tricky when having to squeeze boots into that same space. *Source Chaos to Order
  • If your shelf is just a bit tight to fit all the shoes facing the same way, try turning one, this will save on the width they take up. *Source Chaos to Order
  • Make use of depth. Usually the shelves are deeper than the shoes, giving some additional storage space at the back of the shelf. Placing one shoe behind the other will allow more shoes to fit on the shelf. *Source Chaos to Order

Additionally, custom shoe organizers can make the job of keeping your closet organized quicker and easier. Several types are available to aide in getting the job done:

The ultimate in shoe storage room can become a reality for every shoe lover — even those on a budget. With a little upfront effort at organization and an investment in some basic shoe organization products, your dreams of being artfully surrounded by the wardrobe accessory you love most can become a reality.