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Pantry Closet Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

6 unique pantry closet ideas to help you get organized and inspire your own creativity for kitchen storage.

Pantry closet with pull-out shelves and baskets under the stairs

Are you looking for a better way to store and organize all your food stuffs and cooking sundries? Do you need some pantry closet ideas to spark your creativity? Find inspiration in each of these unique kitchen pantry designs you're sure to love.

No matter whether your current kitchen pantry is big, small, or not at all — a new, large, organized pantry closet is on every cook and home chef's dream list. Whether you are a baker, gourmet, or simply like to entertain, get ideas on how to redesign your pantry (or how to create a pantry closet if you don't already have one).

    Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas that Inspire.

  1. Pantry Closet Idea #1: Food storage Combined with a Wine and Beverage Center

    Pantry closet idea combines wine and beverage bar with food storage
    Pantry closet with wine bar.

    This pantry closet is geared towards the family that likes to entertain. It includes all sorts of bells and whistles to make organization easier. Pull-out baskets, slide-out racks for spices, and plenty of pull-out shelves make it easy to grab ingredients and whip things up in a hurry. A vertical tray organizer and several cabinets within the closet keep everything neat and organized. However, the pièce de résistance for this pantry is the beverage center with its under-the-counter wine refrigerator along the back wall. My guess is that is serves more than just cooking wine. It's a perfect solution for entertaining and serving drinks when company stops by. Just shut the door and it disappears into the back of the closet when the guests go home.

  2. Pantry Closet Idea #2: Combination Pantry and Baking Center

    Pantry closet idea for a baking center
    Kitchen Pantry closet idea for a baking center.

    Sweet tooth anyone? This pantry is designed so that it also serves as a baking station. It fits neatly into the space vacated by a standard reach-in closet, expanding the footprint and functionality of the small adjoining kitchen. Mixers and other appliances can be kept on the countertop or in the cabinet to the left of the baking station. Drawers, upper cabinets and lower shelving provide additional storage for mixing bowls, rolling pin, spices, as well as large bags of flour and sugar.

  3. Pantry Closet Idea #3: Rotating Pantry Storage

    360 Organizer Pantry idea with a Lazy Lee rotating corner organizer
    360 Organizer Pantry idea with a Lazy Lee rotating corner organizer.

    How do you make a pantry closet bigger on the inside than on the outside? By using a 360 Organizer® Rotating Pantry — that's how! This pantry closet shows a manually rotating corner storage unit that combines shallow shelves for small jars, cans, and bottles plus deeper shelves for cereal, cases of dry goods, appliances, or just about anything else you'd like to keep inside a pantry. Because it turns, everything is always in front. Therefore, nothing ever gets lost in the back. The 360 Organizer® can be used alone in a small kitchen or as part of a larger kitchen storage solution as shown here.

    Overall, this pantry design offers an abundance of storage in an appealing presentation that doesn't need to be hidden by doors. It accomplishes this by being extremely well-organized and making use of every inch of space. The multitude of different pantry organizers handle everything from wine and beverage service, to canned goods, to plates, serving pieces, glassware, pots and pans, and more.

  4. Pantry Closet Idea #4: Open Shelving Butler's Pantry

    Open shelving in kitchen and pantry
    Kitchen and pantry with open shelving.

    Unless you're part of the Britain's Royal Family, you probably don't have a butler. But that's no reason not to have a butler's pantry! A butler's pantry is a small room traditionally located between the kitchen and dining room. It is mainly used for storing dishes, glassware, and some small food stuffs. Whether used by a butler or homeowner, the butler's pantry has always been a room of convenience where drinks and appetizers could be quickly prepared and served without disrupting the full kitchen. This long, narrow "butler's pantry" features an entire wall of open shelving for food stuffs in addition to open shelves for dishes and glassware over the cabinets. The step saver design of this pantry will save you a lot of walking. The long countertop offers an ample work surface for food prep, and all you have to do is turn around to retrieve ingredients. It's also a great design for the homeowner who is planning to stage a party. Appetizers and drinks can be prepared in advance, while the mess involved remains behind the scenes and invisible to guests.

  5. Pantry Closet Idea #5: Extra Basement Pantry Under the Kitchen

    Pantry closet built in basement adds storage for small kitchen
    Pantry closet built in basement adds storage for small kitchen.

    Even folks who don't have room for a big walk-in pantry can still have one. You just have to find some other space to appropriate for pantry usage. For example, if the basement stairs are right off your kitchen, why not put your pantry down in the basement? That's what these homeowners did. They built a separate pantry below their kitchen. It offers lots of extra shelving for the bulk food items that take up too much space to be kept in the kitchen. It is also a nice place to keep all those countertop appliances that are used only occasionally and take up too much space in their small kitchen. The mirror over the countertop, in addition to the light color scheme with bright turquoise accents, gives the illusion of a window so that the space doesn't feel dark or oppressive.

  6. Pantry Closet Idea #6: Pantry Under the Stairs

    Hidden pantry closet under the stairs
    A hidden closet under the stairs can be an excellent location for pantry storage.

    If you've read Harry Potter, you know that the "cupboard under the stairs" makes for a terrible bedroom. It can, however, make an excellent pantry. If you have one of these narrow, awkward spaces with a steeply sloped ceiling, think about turning it into a gorgeous pantry closet for all your food, cookware, and serving pieces. You'll want to make sure it is reasonably close to the kitchen. If it doesn't have drywall or some sort of ceiling covering the stair treads, put one in so that dirt and dust from the steps above isn't a problem. But other than that one small "fix," an under the stairs closet is generally a good place for your pantry storage. This one is arranged along the longest wall opposite the door. Pull-out shelves and baskets were positioned in the highest area of the closet near the entrance so that you can stand upright to examine their contents. Open shelving fills out the rest of the wall with the exception of the lowest area under the first stair. Too small for shelving, the space is reserved for those oversize appliances, like the bread machine, that are used only occasionally.

Let your pantry inspire you to new heights of epicurean delight! The right storage and organization for your kitchen can make all the difference between whether you will love to spend time in your kitchen or hate it. Face the facts — if you hate your kitchen you will end up spending more money dining out just to avoid that room. Why not invest that money wisely into a new pantry? It's a long-term storage solution sure to please the whole family. And one that will most likely pay for itself at resale. After all, you can never have too much storage.