March 14, 2014

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Closet Blog: Closet Works Reviews

walk-in closet in a field of sunflowers

At Closet Works we love nothing more than giving our customers a memorable experience and an exceptional organizational system. That is why it motivates us, especially during these long, dragging winter months, to see such heartwarming compliments as the one Anthony has given us below. Thank you Anthony and thank you to all our customers! We love you!!

People Are Saying the Nicest Things about Us!

Our closets are so nice I could actually live in there, so maybe I should just stay in there. But I'm coming out long enough just to review them.

I was really against spending the extra money because we had already paid for our closets with our new house. Problem was that the new closets were going to suck and there was no way to get a credit on that. So we worked with our salesperson and came up to a fair quote for doing all of our closet and storage space. We had a total of 7 spaces organized by Closet Works. There were 4 closets, one kitchen pantry, one laundry room and my Man Storage Space.

The Closet Works crew moved fast and got everything installed quickly. They even had to cut a hole for the gas line for our dryer and it still looked neat. As a guy I really do not care about how a closet looks. I just care if I can hang my clothes and hide [stuff] in there when company comes over. I really hate it when company opens up a closet to look inside. Hello that is not part of the tour...get out of the closet! Ha!

My Man Storage Space is less Man and more what kind of crap my wife can throw in there. Every time I look in that closet there is more stuff unrelated to my life. Like wrapping paper, Christmas stuff, luggage (not mine), etc...

Everything is really nice. Not only did they add in places to hang clothes but also added shelves for folded clothes, hooks for hats, drawers to store stuff like jewelry. They created more space for us to store more crap...I mean our valuable things we wear. Ha!

So if you are moving into a new place or building a place I would give them a call and get a free quote. Our [designer] was nice enough to actually come out to our new construction and look at our blueprints. She even took measurements before presenting us with a detailed quote. Everything was handled very professional and installed in a timely manner. Once we had a date set they showed up on time and rocked the build out.

Now I just need to figure out how to reclaim my Man Closet. I am thinking about installing a bed in there with a TV. Maybe I should call [Closet Works] and see if they have one of those pull down wall cots like in a ship or something. See I am going back into the closet one way or another."

Anthony M. -