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Use Rotating Shelves for Maximum Organization

Woman putting on shoes in closet

It seems no matter how much space we have, we could always use more. Whether it's piles of shoes, clothes, boxes of food, bathroom items, or the garage — we all have that area of our home that could use a little more organization. Staying organized and finding convenient storage for all of our possessions can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be. Rotating shelves can help. Through judicious use of this closet organizer, neglected and underutilized spaces can be made to work harder, providing more and better storage for our needs.

Rotating Shelves to the Rescue

When you're tight on space, you can't let any of it go to waste. That means taking advantage of every square inch you've got — including the difficult and hard to reach areas. Dark and cluttered seems to be the name of the game when it comes to closet corners. And depending on size or what else you've got in there, the corner of your closet can be difficult to access. Use rotating shelves to eliminate this problem for good.

There many different types of rotating shelving systems. Some move the shelves vertically like an escalator. These continuously lower the upper shelves to eye level so you can retrieve what's on them. This type of shelving is usually motorized and is especially convenient for the wheelchair bound. But there are other types of motorized shelves as well. Some closet carousels for work like a dry cleaner's hanging rack. But these motorized systems are expensive, need a lot of maintenance, and are prone to break. The most tried and true method for rotating shelves is the good old-fashioned Lazy Susan principal. This type of rotating closet shelf turns the shelf around on its base so that everything hidden in the back suddenly moves to the front. One of the many advantages of this type of rotation is that it can be done manually. The 360 Organizer® represents one of the best versions of this "Lazy Susan style" of rotating closet system and it comes in several models for different applications.

Apply these solutions to difficult storage problems including how to deal with corners in closets.

Storage for your shoes.

Have you ever opened the back door of your home only to stumble across piles of shoes scattered in front of the door? It's an ongoing problem in many households. That's because this is one of the most difficult areas of the home to keep organized. No one wants to track dirt from their shoes into a clean house. So, we leave them at the door. But it's a matter of one problem leading to another. To avoid making our floors dirty, we end up with an unsightly pile of footwear at our doorstep. That's not good either. Shoes need their own closet next to the back door the same way we often see a closet for coats located near entrances. One of the best types of closets for this is a rotating shoe closet because it uses very little floor space in proportion to the number and type of shoes it can hold.

vanity table inside a closet dressing room
The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner is one of the best rotating shoe closets available. Sturdy and reliable, it can organize up to 200 pairs of shoes while occupying only 40-square-inches of floor space. Use it with or without cabinet doors. It's a very efficient way to get large quantities of shoes off the floor and away from the front of the door.

Reclaim the bedroom closet corners.

When it comes to to selecting the best closet corner organizer, rotating shelves are without rival. Closet corners are often left underutilized because they simply aren't convenient. When two walls of storage meet, the stuff in the corners tend to end up hidden and difficult to access without moving other items out of the way. Rotating shelves offer a permanent solution to this problem. The Lazy Susan type are best for corners. Install a floor to ceiling set of these rotating shelves and you'll more than double your closet corner storage while ensuring everything is always in front and easy to grab when you're in a hurry. They are very popular for organizing shoes, but there are different models for all sorts of storage needs. Available with hanging rods, drawers, and of course shelves, a rotating shelving system offers a way to maximize ALL the space in your walk-in closet — even the corners.

Rotating shelves for shoes inside small walk-in closet.
This closet shows a 360 Organizer® in the corner with shoes. Other models, such as the 360 Valet, combine hanging, shelves and drawers. This makes them extreemly versatile for maximizing corner storage in a closet.

Rotating shelves offer the ultimate in kitchen pantry organization.

Kitchens have a lot of small food related items that need to remain accessible and organized. But achieving this can be a challenge. Everything from spice jars to bottles of oil, cans of coffee, soup, peanut butter, boxes of dry pasta, and much, much more need to be stored in such a way that they're easy to grab during meal prep or when you're on-the-go. Then there's all the dishes and serving pieces. The kitchen is simply a place where we need to keep many things. And that doesn't count our tendency to stock up when things are on sale. Because so many of the items kept in the kitchen are small packages with definite expiration dates, they require special storage. This is where rotating shelves can help. A rotating shelf system ensures that everything is always at the front of the shelf. Nothing ends up hidden in back. They offer better organization for small jars due to the extra front-of-shelf space. Items with an expiration date are less likely to go bad since they remain front and center in your line of vision. Plus, it's easier for kids to find and grab their snacks without messing up your kitchen organization. These are benefits worth considering for any busy family or interested cook.

Small walk-in pantry with rotating shelves
This small, walk-in pantry includes the 360 Organizer® rotating pantry shelves in the corner. They ensure this small food storage closet is an organizational force to keep the whole family on track. Everything is grab-and-go convenient. It's very easy to keep track of what you have on hand. Plus, small bottles and packages of ingredients are always front and center with this organization system.

Create space for bathroom toiletries.

Another area of the home that needs organization for numerous tiny bottles and jars is the bathroom. Unfortunately, it's usually one of the smallest rooms in the home. Whether it's shampoo, hair care products, body washes, bath bombs, or something else, there's a lot of stuff that needs to go into that tiny bathroom. And don't forget about linen storage. Wouldn't it be nice if all your bath towels could be kept where you actually use them? Or if there was room inside the bathroom to stock up on necessities? (Remember the toilet paper shortage in the beginning of the COVID panemic)? A rotating system of bathroom shelving can help with all of this. They ensure that all of your cabinet, floor and wall space is fully maximized for storage — even those hard to reach back corners.

rotating shelves used for storing toilet paper
No worries about toilet paper shortages. This 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner model has been repurposed for the bathroom. It is storing 592 double rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. These people will never run out.

Use rotating shelves to organize the garage.

Garages tend to become the catch all place for everything in a home's overflow. There like the next generation basement 2.0. That means they end up providing storage for more than garden tools and automotive supplies. Perhaps yours holds extra toys, holiday decorations, cans of paint, and more. Some homes store surplus canned and paper goods in the garage when they run out of space indoors. You'll want these items up off the floor for sanitary as well as cosmetic reasons. There are a lot of excellent garage cabinetry, ceiling racks, and wall track systems for organizing the garage. But when it comes to corner shelving, nothing beats a system of rotating shelves. Use yours to keep all the smaller items organized and accessible. Add a cabinet doors over the shelves to keep contents clean. Rotating shelves are especially handy in garage living spaces. Whether you have a "man cave," workshop, gardening center, or something else, a cabinet with shelves that turn on a Lazy Susan principal will keep you organized and ready to go.

Custom garage with 360 organizer
This garage is also used as a party space when the homeowners have large gatherings. It is heated and features a sink plus refrigerator right inside the garage for convenience. The 360 Organizer® Pantry provides rotating storage for snack items as well as wipes and cleaners. It is equipped with glass front doors and an LED lighting system to keep everything in view. Nothing is ever lost in the dark recesses of the cabinet.

Add rotating shelves to your home.

Rotating shelves are one of those nice little luxury touches that make your home more livable. But in addition to their convenience, they help you increase the overall storage capacity of your home by eliminating wasted space in every room of the home. That includes those dark and difficult closet corners. If you've been wondering how to deal with the corners in closets or any other storage challenge, consider rotating shelves. No matter which room you're having trouble with, they're a storage investment worth your while.