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2017 Top Shelf Awards

Closet Works wins 5 Top Shelf Awards

2017 Winners:
(front row) Lynn Casanova - Closet Works, Teri Magee - Closet Works, Sue Tinker - Closet Works.
(back row) Greg Cetera - Closet Works, Tony Scaletta - EncoreGarage, Bob Barthman - More Space Place, Todd Barker - The Craftsman Group, Larry Wolfe - Scorpio Interiors
Not Pictured: Patti Powers of Closet Works and Jeff Davis of Closet Furnishings

Lynn Casanova of Closet Works wins 1st Place in Top Shelf Awards for 2017
Lynn Casanova's 1st place walk-in closet design

"We developed an excellent, manageable, and maintainable lighting plan using LED strip lighting to illuminate not only the hanging area, but also the shelves and work spaces. Organizational spaces for more than just clothing were an important priority in this closet design. The clients, who travel frequently, wanted to make sure they had a space that could be used for a packing a suitcase. An area for staging important papers that must not be forgotten when leaving for the office, as well as other work priorities, was also desired. The final master closet design is divided into two sections, essentially two master walk-in closets — one for him and one for her."

Greg Cetera of Closet Works wins 1st Place in Top Shelf Awards for 2017
Greg Cetera's 1st place reach-in closet design

"We built a system with backing that was 22 7/8" deep, and we "slid" the systems into the opening. It was necessary to create partitions that traced the angle of the ceiling to enable us to maximize the depth of the space. We also notched the bottom shelf and the backer in the left section of the design to expose the valve for the gas pipe. Once we finished the construction of our systems, we used a cleat style thermofoil molding to trim the systems on both sides, the top, and the bottom to create a finished and "built-in" look for the piece. Although our systems stick out into the room by nearly 4", we saved the client from purchasing another piece of furniture for this room. We also gave purpose to a space that was an afterthought during the previous renovation."

Sue Tinker of Closet Works wins 1st Place in Top Shelf Awards for 2017
Sue Tinker's 1st place home office design

"Being able to use the spare room for multiple purposes was very important in planning the space. The second bedroom in this home is used as a home office most of day. However, in the evening and over the weekend, it becomes a fun movie room with reclining seating and a large screen television. When friends come for an overnight visit, it easily makes another transformation into a comfortable guest bedroom equipped with a queen size bed."

Teri Magee of Closet Works wins 1st Place in Top Shelf Awards for 2017
Teri Magee's 1st place garage design

"A well-organized garage can serve multiple functions that will expand the usable square footage of your home. This well-organized garage provides an area for numerous activities. Rainy days and bad weather are no hindrance for the children in this family — everything from riding bikes to playing catch can be done indoors in the new organized garage. A television has been mounted to the wall for the parents and children to enjoy watching favorite shows or movies during playtime. Dangerous yard equipment and chemicals are all stored high up and out of reach, allowing the kids to run around and expend their energy in a safe environment." "

Patti Powers of Closet Works wins 1st Place in Top Shelf Awards for 2017
Patti Powers' honorable mention dentist office design includes reception area, treatment rooms, lab and sterilization room

"When this family owned dental office decided to expand into another location, they first checked the usual medical supply companies for storage and cabinetry solutions for the reception area, treatment rooms, sterilization and laboratory centers. None of the stock solutions met all of their needs, and prices were quite high. The owners of the business, two brothers and a sister –- all dentists working in the practice founded by their father – asked me to design and quote a custom solution. They were ecstatic with the results, preferring the value of custom storage built to their exact needs."

Closet Works Top Shelf Award Trophies
The Closet Works Top Shelf trophy collection

Closet Works Sweeps the 2017 Top Shelf Awards with Five Wins!

Each year, Top Shelf Awards are presented to honor the very best closet and home organizational designs accomplished during the previous twelve months. This is a national contest and the highest award given in the closet design industry. Professional storage and design professionals from across North America compete for Top Shelf recognition and the competition is stiff. The winners are announced at the annual Cabinets & Closets Conference and Expo.

Closet Works represents the best talent in the industry and our designers have been honored with this award numerous times in the past. Every year there is usually at least one Closet Works winner. This year, however, stands out for the unprecedented number of wins by any closet company. Closet Works designers swept through the competition like a tidal wave, pushing aside the competition and taking home a total of five awards, placing in five of the nine categories. The winners are as follows:

Awards were presented by Michelle Bradford of The Woodworking Network at a ceremony following the Cabinets & Closets Conference and Expo

Lynn Casanova is presented with award by Michelle Bradford of Woodworking Network
Lynn receives her award from Michelle
Greg Cetera is presented with award by Michelle Bradford of Woodworking Network
Greg receives his award from Michelle
Teri Magee is presented with award by Michelle Bradford of Woodworking Network
Teri receives her award from Michelle
Sue Tinker is presented with award by Michelle Bradford of Woodworking Network
Sue receives her award from Michelle
Zena Hallman acccepts the award for Patti Powers
Zena Hallman accepts the award for Patti Powers, who was unable to attend

Vote for the People's Choice Award on Facebook!

An additional competition for the 2017 Top Shelf "People's Choice Award" is currently running on Facebook. It is sponsored by the WoodWorking Network, and is featured on their Facebook page. For this award, Facebook users vote on their favorite design. A total of 58 designs are included in this competition, and Closet Works designers represent 18 of the total entries. Voting is open to anyone with a Facebook account, but the contest closes closes on May 3, 2017. To cast your ballot, go to and "LIKE" your favorite designs. Each vote may include more than one design. The closet Works entries and the designers who entered them are pictured here. You can click on any of the photos below to vote for that design. You must be logged into your Facebook account.

Closet Works People's Choice Entries:

award winning walk-in master closet
Lynn Casanova
walk-in master closet and dressing room
Sue Tinker
Yin Yang walk-in master closet for him and her
Jennefier Martin
walk-in master closet for her
Sue Tinker
walk-in master closet for him
Sue Tinker
Media center with pull-out desk
Lisa Lauren
armoir style wardrobe closet for historic Victorian home
Tim Higbee
luxurious wardrobe closet for bedroom
Katy Shannon
Three Sided Wine Cellar Holds 482 Bottles
Sue Trainor
baby closet in attic with sloped walls
Greg Cetera
guest room and home office combo with murphy style wall bed
Sue Tinker
mud room and home office combination
Tim Higbee
Laundry room and mud room combination
Gerry Ayala
garage with custom storage
Teri Magee
liquor store wine and beer bar
Teri Magee
liquor store wine and beer bar
Patti Powers
Bedroom storage for room with sloped walls
Elia Alvarez
Master walk-in closet with severely angled walls
Sue Murawski