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Closet Works Lookbook: Transitional Style Ideas

Transitional Style Ideas for Your Next Custom Design

When we see of the word transition we think of going from one stage to another — the inbetween. Night transitions into day, Winter transitions into Spring, a child transitions into an adult. Transition essentially means the crossing over and when we attribute this progression to design, we are working with a style invented by fusing two distinct aesthetics together to visually display the inbetween. The two styles we grab artistic elements from to create a transitional look are traditional and modern. This means furniture, decor, and colors are a blend of the past, present, and future (especially when using antique discoveries with modern finds). Transitional style design is especially popular amongst interior designers and frequent decorators as it allows artistic freedom to incorporate "mismatching" materials to create a space that feels like you started your own design trend. Transitional design is also a winning look because if you think about it, it could never really go out of style.

What features do I need to create a transitional design?

Transitional design is about balancing opposing traits. The room becomes cohesive with equal use of masculine and feminine characteristics. Intricate, ornate details and straight-lines are married as well as a noticeable harmony with color choice. Most often times bright color is used scarcely and a neutral palette allows the geometry and textures of the room to stand out. Below are some examples of projects Closet Works has created with transitional style inspiration.

transitional living room design
Transitional style really shines in this wall unit design. You can immediately pinpoint the style by the use of textural elements alongside the clean lines of the display. There is a neutral color theme throughout the room which is a clear indicator of the aesthetic.
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transitional style bedroom wardrobe
This wardrobe was designed with transitional features that stand out such as the modern hardware and clean lines of the contemporary bed and light fixture mixed with the ornate detail of the carpet and crown molding.
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transitional style bedroom with wallbed
Masculine and femininity are balanced beautifully in this murphy bed/home office design. The red walls are bold and modern where as the soft neutrals of the bed and curve of the crescent handles offer delicacy to the design. The cocoa laminate has a traditional appeal where as the frosted glass inserts offer a contemporary charm.
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transitional style walk in closet
Harmony raised panel drawer fronts and crown moulding in combination with contemporary clean lines of the furniture and light fixture create a transitional space for this walk in closet.
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transitional mudroom and home office design
This home office and mudroom combination has both traditional and modern traits. Crown moulding, Regal door fronts with detailed handles together with the contemporary contrasting laminates, stainless steel desk legs, and neutral palette of the room create a transitional space.
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transitional home office ideas
The cherry laminate of this home office design has a traditional feel but use of Italia door fronts and contemporary lines of the chairs transform this into a transitional design.
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transitional style craft room
Although modern in concept, this craft room demonstrates transitional style with the use of a variety of textural elements as well as a calm color palette.See Project >

Closet Works can easily create a transitional design for you with our experienced designers and diverse selection of styles, hardware, and colors. There is plenty more style inspiration found throughout our website and on each designer's portfolios. Also check us out on social media to see more examples and stay in touch for future lookbook posts.

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