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Underwear Storage Ideas and Tips

Pull-out underwear storage for closets with soft cloth dividers

Who bothers to think about underwear storage when planning a closet or buying furniture? We all tend to focus on big things like the amount of hanging space or shoe storage. Yet, it’s something we all need. If you don’t want a mish-mosh mess of underwear in your drawers, you need the right set up to stay on top of the organization game.

The best drawer organizers for underwear and other lingerie storage ideas.

Underwear is something that we all need and use. In fact, most of us have a large collection of this wardrobe essential. But we may not have given much thought to where we keep it when we’re not wearing it. Whether you mainly have utilitarian cotton, sexy lace, silky satins, specialty sports undergarments, or some combination of these, you need a place to store underwear in an organized manner. Otherwise, it just ends up in a big jumble at the bottom of the drawer. These underwear storage ideas can straighten out the messiest pile of undergarments. And they’re both easy and inexpensive to try.

Organized underwear storage solutions:

The Sock Drawer

We’ve all experienced the lost sock syndrome. That’s where you buy a matching set of two socks but for some reason, there’s only one lonely oddball sock left from the set. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you always roll your socks together when they come out of the wash. This will prevent them from becoming separated. Then use drawer dividers to keep the socks organized within the drawer. Dividers are available in wood, acrylic, or cloth. We like the plastic or cloth dividers for delicate lace stockings and pantyhose. Wood dividers offer opportunities for these garments to snag but can be used for cotton, wool, or other utilitarian socks. Many companies sell cheap paperboard dividers for drawers but those are just too flimsy. Avoid them.

A very full drawer filled with underwear and kept organized with dividers
A good divider means that not only will you be organized, but you can get more into each drawer.

Delicate Lingerie Organizers

Bras, panties, and other female undergarments can get quite expensive. These hand washables are often made from delicate silky and lacey materials that can snag or tear. Use the same type of acrylic drawer divider or cloth organizer for ladies’ underwear as you would for silk stockings. Fold your bras so that the cups nest together and the hooks and straps are tucked into the underside of the cup. This keeps them neat. It also prevents the hooks on the bra from snagging other bras or delicate undergarments stored with it.

Drawer with acrylic dividers to organize female underwear
This drawer is equipped with an acrylic divider that divides the space up into neat cubes of storage. Notice how the brassiere is folded in half with one cup inside the other and the hooks and straps are tucked up under the bottom cup.

What to do with those Long Johns, Boxers, Briefs, and Undershirts

These undergarments need larger storage than the small cubes used for socks and bras. But they still need to stay organized. Fold them and place them in a drawer in stacks. You can use a larger, deeper drawer than you would for stockings or lady’s undergarments. Place dividers that run from front to back inside the drawer to keep the clothes from getting jumbled and messy. This type of divider also works well for organizing special athletic undergarments.

Organized underwear drawer with drawer dividers to keep clothes tidy
This drawer uses wooden drawer dividers to separate long underwear from briefs and boxers.

What to do if you don’t have any drawers.

Not everyone has a lot of drawer space that can be used for underwear storage. If this is your situation, don’t worry. You can use your closet shelves for underwear storage and still be super organized. The trick is in how you put things on the shelves. Small and delicate lingerie or hosiery will need to be placed in baskets or storage boxes. Use similar dividers as you would in a drawer to keeps the contents from shifting when you open and close the basket or box. The most convenient baskets to use are the pull-out wire variety made especially for closets. These slide in and out just like a drawer. Special canvas liners are available to cushion and protect your basket contents.

Pull-out wire closet baskets with folded baby clothes
Closet baskets can be just as effective as drawers.

Alternately, there are soft cloth closet drawers with built-in dividers available to retrofit into any standard closet organizer system.

Small soft cloth pull-out closet drawer with dividers for underwear
This shallow cloth drawer is designed specially to organize underwear inside a closet. It comes in three widths to fit most standard closet sections and has adjustable dividers to separate the socks and/or underwear.

Shelf Dividers

Long underwear, full slips, cammies, and undershirts can be folded and stacked directly on the closet shelves. Just make sure to use shelf dividers to separate the stacks so that the undergarments don’t slide all over make a mess.

Folded shirts on shelf and organized into sections with shelf dividers
Closet shelf dividers can keep your sleepwear and larger undies tidy on the shelf.

Underwear storage is important!

It’s easy to get carried away by all the fancy storage options available for shoes, purses, and outerwear. But your underwear needs someplace to live as well. You want it to be easy-to-find and ready when you need it. And you know you’ll need it! Underwear is one of those things most people don’t feel comfortable talking about in public. But don’t let that stop you from being organized. Take action on that messy underwear drawer today. Purchase drawer organizers or other closet accessories to permanently keep your underwear in like-new condition. We think you’ll notice the difference as you feel good all the way down to your bare skin.

Got any more ideas on the best drawer organizers for underwear or are there other lingerie storage ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them. Don’t be shy. Include your ideas in the comments below and start a conversation about this important topic no one seems to be talking about.