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Wardrobe Closet Ideas

5 clever ways to add more storage to your home using a new custom built-in closet.

Wardrobe closet ideas

The word "built-ins" instantly conjures up images of some type of shelving unit for the living or dining room. However, built-ins can be used in any room of the home. A good built-in wardrobe closet adds to your style and décor while also increasing the overall storage of the home!

Need more room for your stuff? After living for years in the same home it happens to the best of us. Too much stuff crammed into too little space. The first thing to try is to purge and declutter. Sometimes this isn't enough, however; especially if the number of family members has also increased along the way. Maybe you've already gone through your things and discarded or donated what you don't use, but still need more closet storage. In this case, think about adding more storage to your home. Would a wall of cabinets that stretches from floor to ceiling be of any help? A wall of cabinets with shelves and rods for clothes is basically a built-in wardrobe closet.

Before you try and divide the closet down the middle, take a good hard look at what each person has in their wardrobe and how it should be stored. Chances are, you will not be able to simple draw a line down the middle of the closet and satisfy both parties. .

Create Your Happy Space!

Happy child in front of new wardrobe closet
This child is certainly enjoying her new built-in wardrobe closet.

No matter where you put your new built-in wardrobe closet, you are certain to enjoy it. Having a place for all of your things will help your home remain tidier and less cluttered. This, in turn, eliminates a big source of mental stress that many people don't even know they have until it goes away. A little breathing space goes a long way to better mental health for everyone in the family.

An organized environment leads to a sense of stability. This can be especially important to the youngest members of the family. It can also help create habits that will last a lifetime.

Even if you don't have children, however, an organized space where everything is in its place will make you happier. After all, isn't everything simply easier when you're organized?