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5 Closet Remodeling Tips to Increase Livability and Home Value

From wire to WOW: This closet remodeling home improvement project added a brand new built-in closet that pleased the owners while simultaneously increasing the home's value — all for half the cost of the old DIY wire closet system!
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Closet Renovation is a Home Improvement Project that Makes Dreams Come True While Adding High ROI at Resale

Everyone knows that investing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the best home improvements you can make in your house. Another, sometimes overlooked, home improvement is closet remodeling. Closets sell homes. Buyers love to see an organized closet system in place — especially in the master bedroom — and are willing to pay for it. That being said, the closets can be the tie breaker that distinguishes your house from the competition when it comes time to sell.

Most homes come with closets that include a rod and some type of wire shelving. It may be a single shelf, or sometimes more, but it always has that utilitarian "refrigerator" look to it. However, just because the home you purchase has a wire closet system installed, that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Keep in mind that for most people, home improvement is about making dreams come true. Make your closet go to work for you by maximizing the space for your possessions and your dreams, not some builder's. You will be much happier while living in the home and will most likely recoup all or most of the remodeling cost when it comes time to sell.

Closet Remodeling Tips to Get the Best ROI:

  1. Use built-ins made from melamine/laminante or wood:
    With its easy to wipe clean and scratch resistant surface, high quality melamine/laminate is the material of choice when it comes to closets. Laminate is a piece of particle board covered on all sides by a thin, plastic coated applique. The applique can be printed to mimic the appearance of wood, metal, stone or other material. It is offered with either a texture or smooth finish and varying degrees of luster depending on the look sought by the consumer. It generally looks great and is easy to maintain by wiping it clean with a cloth that has been dampened by water. Today, laminates manufactured in the United States are both environmentally friendly and CARB II compliant, containing a high percentage of recycled material. Laminates come in different grades, with higher quality closet companies choosing the M2 furniture grade material over the thinner, less expensive options. Wood is also a nice option for closet built-ins. However, it is significantly more expensive than laminate and often requires cleaning or maintenance with an oil based product that could come into contact with clothing stored in the closet, staining delicate fabrics.
    closet renovations typically use laminate material
    Laminate is the material of choice for closet remodeling projects.
  2. Dream big and avoid wire shelving whenever possible:
    Builders love wire because the material is usually cheaper than laminate, however, it is much more labor intensive to install, and its utilitarian look doesn't add value to the home at resale the way custom built-ins made from laminate or wood can. Furthermore, some of the DIY wire closet solutions sold at home improvement stores are actually more expensive than the laminate closets sold and installed by professional closet companies. A laminate closet makes better sense for most homeowners. Think about it. If home improvements are all about making dreams come true, do you know of anyone who has confessed to dreaming about wire closet shelves?
    a home improvement closet renovation that made the owners dreams come true
    Home buyers prefer closet renovations that use laminate over wire.
  3. Include drawers in your custom closet renovation:
    Closet drawers make any built-in closet feel like a custom piece of furniture rather than a simple storage unit. Closet drawers with organizers for jewelry, lingerie, ties, belts or other wardrobe essentials can make even the humblest closet feel opulent. The closet doesn't have to be large. Even small closets can have that "dream come true" sensibility that pulls on emotional strings and inspires home buyers to open their pocketbooks.
    closet remodeling home improvement project with drawers and custom jewelry organizer
    Drawers customize the closet, adding greater functionality and a sense of opulence.
  4. If you can't swing drawers, other pull-outs like baskets can offer a similar function for less cost:
    Including many closet drawers in your closet renovation home improvement project can add a lot of cost. If price is a concern, supplement the drawers with sliding baskets and pull-out shelves. When incorporated as built-ins, they offer much of the same functionality and benefits as a drawer, but for less cost.
    less expensive closet remodeling ideas include pull-out baskets instead of drawers
    This closet includes several pull-out baskets as well as drawers and other closet organizers. The baskets help keep the overall cost of the closet down while providing a similar functionality.
  5. Install a built-in hamper system:
    The simple things matter a lot in closet renovation if you want the kind of home improvement projects that add lasting value. When asked about favorite features of their new custom closet, homeowners repeatedly cite the built-in hampers. Why this fascination with dirty laundry? Where to put the clothing that needs to be washed is a problem that everyone faces every day. It piles up so easily, especially for a family with multiple members. And nothing spoils a closet or bedroom remodel faster than a smelly pile of used undergarments that won't go away. The ability to make it all disappear in a neat and organized manner until wash day pleases many closet owners. It is a closet accessory that is easy to incorporate when planning a new closet, but not as simple to retrofit into an existing closet. Make sure leave room for a built-in hamper in your closet remodel plans in order to build the best closet with the greatest return on investment.
    closet remodel includes a built-in hamper
    This closet remodeling project includes a built-in hamper with two removeable bags for separating and transporting clothes to the laundry.

The closet is the first place most people head in the morning and the last space they go to before bed. Everyone interacts at least twice a day with their closet. It is an integral part of everyone's life, whether they realize it or not. Improvements to this space can make life better, easier, and is available in many price points to suit different budgets. Whether big or small in size, the best closet renovation projects incorporate the same five basic concepts into their design. They are built from high quality laminate or wood. They avoid refrigerator style wire shelving when possible. They also incorporate drawers inside the closet. Sliding baskets, pull-out shelves, built-in hampers and other accessories are included in the design of the closet system. This ensures that everything will always have its own place to go — an important concept in home organization. Remodeling this area with custom built-ins is one home improvement project that that offers a both full return on investment when it comes time to sell, as well as years of enjoyment while living in the home.

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