Bing Commercial Display System for Retail Clothing Store

Retail Design: Clothing Store

Project Description

This retail clothing store design includes the customer check-out/sales counter with storage behind and below the unit, a wall unit storage system for folded items such as jeans and sweaters, and built-in hanging racks with shelves above. the long horizontal lines of the custom clothing racks direct customers to the center portion of the store, achored by the large wall unit shelving for folded items, located directly across from the check-out/customer service counter, where sales associates can close the sale and accept payement. cash registers and payment acceptance equipment is hidden behind the two-tier countertop. The Rustic Cherry laminate works with the trendy "coffe shop" color scheme, lending a sophisticated but youthful feel to the space.

  • Custom display system and check-out counter: Rustic Cherry laminate
  • Matching Contempo style door and drawer fronts
  • Brushed chrome oval rods for hanging
  • Round, brushed chrome knobs on check-out counter storage cabinets and drawers
Display systems for a Chicago retail clothing business

Detail Views

custom hanging space for retail clothing display with sweater shelf
drawers and storage behind check-out counter
custom wall unit display and shelving for retail clothing store

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