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Garage Floor Coating In Chicago

Garage with FlexCore garage flooring

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Why stop at the walls when modernizing your garage with a custom storage system? At many homes, everyone enters and exits through the garage — including guests. Finishing touches such as beautiful garage flooring systems can make or break the space — and the right one will leave you feeling proud when visitors pay a call.

All garage floor systems from Closet Works are highly durable and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear from driving a car continuously over them, including one that is dripping with the salt and slush of a typical Chicago winter. Closet Works has partnered with EncoreGarage™ to provide professional grade Polyurea garage floor systems. The FlexCore™ coating used on these garage floors is stronger than traditional epoxy coatings and provides a long-lasting solution that can withstand Chicago weather.

The flooring comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is so attractive, you needn't limit it only to the garage. Try it in a mud room, play room or basement as well — it looks great and is low maintenance!

Flex Core Advanced Polymer Technology for garage floors
FlexCore™ is the brand name for the superior polyurea garage floor coating system available to Closet Works customers. The advanced Polyurea technology creates a product that bonds better, is more flexible, and is 100% UV stable.

1-Day Installation is available on most floors. Get your garage back in order in no time so you can start to enjoy your beautiful new floor right away.

Advantages of FLEXCore™ Garage Floor Coating System

Flex-Core garage flooring system layers

In addition to garage floor coating in Chicago, we can also install our superior FlexCore™ concrete coating systems in basements, on concrete in outdoor spaces such as patios and walkway and in commercial spaces.

Basement in home with FlexCore flooring
Basement in home with FlexCore flooring
Outdoor patio with FlexCore flooring
Outdoor patio with FlexCore flooring
Commercial building with FlexCore flooring
Commercial buildinge with FlexCore flooring

Installation Process

To start, we use diamond tip grinders to completely clean and prepare the concrete. Each crew carries a full range of diamond tooling so they can adapt to every type of concrete. This important step is vital in creating the proper surface for a durable bond and is a prime differentiator between our process and many other vendors in the market. After this first step, the concrete is like a sponge with a textured surface – ready to absorb and lock in the base layer of polyurea material and create a durable bond.

  1. STEP 1: Grind
  2. STEP 2: Sealer
  3. STEP 3: Repair
  4. STEP 4: Base
  5. STEP 5: Flake
  6. STEP 6: Scrape
  7. STEP 7: Anti-Slip

Custom Base Moulding

For clients interested in a truly seamless look, custom “baseboard” moulding made from water resistant cement backer board is available in any height from 4" - 12".

Garage base moulding made from FlexCore flooring

Decorative Flake: Highly durable garage flooring with the look of granite

Tan Graphite decorative flake garage flooring
Tan Graphite
Storm decorative flake garage flooring
Astro Turf decorative flake garage flooring
Astro Turf
Solider decorative flake garage flooring
Sandy Beach decorative flake garage flooring
Sandy Beach
Rapids decorative flake garage flooring
Quartsite decorative flake garage flooring
Ice Blue decorative flake garage flooring
Ice Blue
Hog decorative flake garage flooring
Harbor Mist decorative flake garage flooring
Harbor Mist
Dune decorative flake garage flooring
Carmel decorative flake garage flooring
Stone decorative flake garage flooring
Coyote decorative flake garage flooring
Madras decorative flake garage flooring
Whitewaterdecorative flake garage flooring
Stargazer decorative flake garage flooring
Volcanic Beach decorative flake garage flooring
Volcanic Beach
Sedona decorative flake garage flooring
Reliant decorative flake garage flooring
Graphite decorative flake garage flooring
Comet decorative flake garage flooring
Red Graphite decorative flake garage flooring
Red Graphite
Steele decorative flake garage flooring

Marble Metallic: A finish you won't find anywhere else

Great White marble metallic garage flooring
Great White
Pearl marble metallic garage flooring
Dolphin marble metallic garage flooring
Manatee marble metallic garage flooring
Whale marble metallic garage flooring
Caviar marble metallic garage flooring
Caribbean marble metallic garage flooring
Maui marble metallic garage flooring
Reef marble metallic garage flooring
Guava mmarble metallic garage flooring
Overcast marble metallic garage flooring
Sandbar marble metallic garage flooring
Palapa marble metallic garage flooring
Lager marble metallic garage flooring
Hammock marble metallic garage flooring
Driftwood marble metallic garage flooring
Sandal marble metallic garage flooring
Shipwreck marble metallic garage flooring

Solid Colors: Clean and simple

Charcoal solid color garage floor coating
Dark gray solid color garage floor coating
Dark Gray
Medium gray solid color garage floor coating
Medium Gray
Light-gray solid color garage floor coating
Light Gray
Off white solid color garage floor coating
Off White
White solid color garage floor coating
Black solid color garage floor coating
Brick red solid color garage floor coating
Brick Red
Canyon clay solid color garage floor coating
Canyon Clay
GTaupe solid color garage floor coating
Sun buff solid color garage floor coating
Sun Buff
Buff metallic garage flooring

Key Benefits of the FlexCore™ Muli-Layer Flake Flooring System

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