Heavy-Duty Garage Wall Cabinets & Shelves with Tool Bench

Garage makeover with tall garage storage cabinets
Need some garage remodel ideas? Get your inspiration here. These garage wall cabinets and shelves with integrated tool bench get everything organized and off the floor.

Garage remodel ideas featuring custom garage grade cabinets and workbench.

Garages are often the last room that homeowners remodel. But when they're finished, many wonder why they waited so long. A finished garage like this has the potential of adding multipurpose living space to the home. Make room for hobbies, exercising, and more when you organize with a set of garage wall cabinets and a built-in workbench. This garage also received a bicycle hoist that holds up to eight bikes. The bike rack is motorized, making it easy to pull bikes on and off the rack, then raise the hoist to the ceiling so they're up and out of the way. Shelves and pull-out metal baskets add even more storage, ensuring that everything remains tidy, and nothing is left lying on the floor.

Motorized ceiling hoist for storing 8 bicycles
Motorized ceiling hoist for storing 8 bicycles.
Custom workbench with garage wall cabinets and shelves
Custom workbench with garage wall cabinets and shelves.

Why choose custom, heavy-duty garage wall cabinets?

All cabinets and shelves are garage grade — meaning they are constructed with heavy-duty 1-inch-thick shelves rated to hold weightier items. That means they can support massive bags of fertilizer and potting soil without collapse. And the cabinets are wider than standard storage grade cabinets. A 31-1/2-inch shelf width allows larger items and bins to be stored on shelves and inside cabinets rather than requiring special hooks or racks to hang them from the walls or ceiling. This presents an overall neater appearance than wall track systems can provide. All shelves and cabinet interiors are fully backed with a bright, white laminate. Six of the cabinet shelves are equipped with drawer slides so that they roll forward for easier access.

This garage organization system is also equipped with pull-out wire baskets. These baskets offer a similar functionality to drawers with a less expensive price tag. Five wire baskets were selected for this system in three different sizes. The baskets are especially useful for storing sporting equipment and toys. The largest baskets can hold items like basketballs or volley balls. The smaller ones organize baseball mitts, water guns, and other items.

An integrated workbench is set between two banks of open shelves. It offers a handy spot for completing messy tasks that you might not want inside your home. Everything from repotting houseplants to making simple repairs on household goods can be comfortably completed inside the garage. Slatwall featuring a workbench accessory kit is installed behind the tool bench. This PVC wall track system offers a way to keep small hand tools, screws, etc. handy and organized.

An industrial grade polyurea floor coating completes this garage makeover.

Garage Wall Cabinets Construction, Materials, & Accessories:

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