Note: This page is designed provide help with installing, moving, programing or proper use of your purchased Closet Works components in order to ensure lasting enjoyment of our products. If you are looking for replacement parts for an older Closet Works system, please call the main office at (800) 425-6738 for assistance. If you need general help on how to design or organize your closet, please visit our Closet Blog for organization tips and tricks that will increase the overall storage capability throughout your home.

Closet Works Organization Tips and Tricks

How to move a Closet Works accessory or component, creating your best closet systems

The Closet Works Closet: Your Best Closet Systems Are an Investment in Your Future

Every Closet Works organization system — whether closet, media/entertainment center, wall unit, pantry or other — was designed to provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. Closet Works products are some of your best closet systems available. Furthermore, built from only the highest quality materials, our merchandise is designed to last. Closet Works stands behind all of our work, offering a limited lifetime warranty on the products we manufacture and install. As time moves on, you may think about starting another closet remodel and want to make alterations to your system. Many components of our organization systems are adjustable and are relatively easy to move, accommodating changing needs and times. One example is a child's closet, where the height of hanging rods or accessories may need to be adjusted as the child grows. Similarly, an accessory like a belt or scarf rack may need to be added or moved in order to accommodate changes in fashion, or a growing collection of accessories in an adult closet. In other words, like all good investments, your Closet Works system is flexible and can be thought of as having "growth potential" — making it one of the best closet systems around. Review our corporate profile for more information on Closet Works.

Although we recommend that you leave major changes on your closet remodel to our professional installers and carpenters, many accessories and components can be moved by the homeowner.

How To Move a Closet Accessory in a Simple Closet Remodel

How to Move Your Valet Pole

How to Move Your Tie, Belt, or Scarf Rack

Elite Closet Accessory Step By Step Installation

Stealth Lock: How To Program or Change the Battery

How to Program Stealth Lock

This video shows step-by-step how to reset the factory default setting on a Stealth Lock

Product Specifications & How to Change Your Stealth Lock Battery

This pdf document explains how to change the battery, as well as providing technical specs for the Stealth Lock. It also goes through the basics of moving the lock and changing the programming/codes.

stealth lock for your best closet systems

Wall Beds Purchased Before Nov. 30 2018: How To Operate Your Legacy Closet Works Wall Bed

How to Close the Wall Bed

Follow these step-by-step instructions if you are having trouble closing your wall bed.

  1. The wall bed is assembled and shown in the lowered position.
  2. Pivot the leg towards the inside of the unit. Make sure the leg is fully closed.
  3. If your bed locks, push down on the middle of the bed to unlock the piston. Repeat this operation to lock the unit for beds installed with locking pistons.
  4. Pull up gently to close. The leg serves as the mattress retaining system. Pistons insure that the door closes properly and stays closed.
How to close your wallbed step 1
How to close your wallbed step 2
How to close your wallbed step 3
How to close your wallbed step 4

General specifications, including instructions on how to operate your wall bed, are available for download.

How to Mount Hooks and Accessories into the Garage TrackWall System

This video shows step-by-step how to secure tool and accessory hooks into the Omni Track system manufactured by TAG Hardware.

How to Install or Remove Accessories & Hooks on Your Garage Track Wall System manufactured by TAG Hardware.

This pdf document provides written instructions on how to add or remove the hooks and accessories on the Omni Track Wall organization system manufactured by TAG Hardware.

omni track accessories installation for garage organization

How to Remove a Closet Rod & Move a Fixed Shelf.

This pdf document provides written instructions on how move a fixed shelf in a Closet Works system.

how to move a fixed shelf

Operating & Programing Procedures for the Closet Safe.

This pdf document provides written specifications, instructions on how to set the codes, and use of emergency keys.

how to operate your closet safe

Installing or Removing a Drawer.

This pdf document provides instructions on how to install, adjust, or remove Closet Works soft close, under mount drawers.

how to install or remove Closet Works drawers

Drawer Sizes, Styles & Options.

This pdf document provides information on drawer sizes, styles, and available inserts.

Closet Works drawers options

If you have an older style of drawer with side mount slides (pre 2015) or prefer an online article, please also review our blog post Closet Drawer Tips: How to Remove Drawers for useful information on drawer maintenance. This article will help you locate the release lever for both undermount and side mount Closet Works drawers.

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