Laundry Organization System for Large Laundry Room

Makes wash day a breeze! Get custom designed laundry room cabinets and storage solution with built-in fold-away ironing board and hamper.

Laundry rooms are notorious for being cramped. Good organization is key to simplifying laundry chores and freeing up more time for other endeavors. This laundry center is located along one side of a mud room, and is visible to everyone coming in through the back door. The many cabinets keep everything looking neat and tidy. It includes a hidden built-in ironing board and tilt-out wire hamper disguised to look like another laundry room cabinet. A closet rod is installed under one of the cabinets and is a convenient place to hang clothing as it comes out of the wash — cotton button-down shirts, which have a tendency to shrink, are best removed from the dryer while slightly damp, then air-dried. The rod is also helpful while ironing, allowing pressed shirts to be hung as you work. A long countertop provides plenty of space to fold clothing fresh from the dryer.

Custom laundry room cabinets and storage built-ins
Do you enjoy washing clothes? You just might if you had a space like this! Custom laundry room cabinets and storage built-ins streamline even most most unpleasant jobs, increasing leisure time for you and your family.

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