Lazy Lee® Rotating Shoe Rack Closet System

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The Rotating Shoe Rack with 52 Closet Shoe Shelves:

Meet the "Lazy Lee" shoe rack closet system! This patented design is poised to revolutionize your closet organization needs. Sold under the 360 Organizer® brand name, the Lazy Lee® is a 360 degree rotating organizer that easily fits into your closet. It can be made with drawers, shelves and hanging rods as well for a fully customized closet.

Dramatically increase your storage space to help organize your shoes, clothing and accessories. It is ideal for closets, but can also be used for pantries, wine storage, and so much more. The 40-inch unit can hold up to 228 pairs of shoes.* Isn't that amazing?

The Lazy Lee closet system spins 360 degrees manually. Seven standard models are currently available to meet your closet organization needs. All units can be customized to suit your particular situation and storage requirements. Possible customizations include lighting, mirrors, pull-out baskets, drawers, doors, belt or tie racks and more!

The Benefits of Owning a Lazy Lee® Speak for Themselves!

The 360 Organizer Lazy Lee® closet system also comes in a variety of colors to match your personal dècor. See our color samples for a complete listing of the available finishes.

Four sided rotating shoe rack By Lazy Lee
Shoe Spinner FS
Four sided rotating closet shoe rack By Lazy Lee
Shoe Spinner Built-In
Bathroom shelving that rotates for all that extras toilet paper
Toilet Paper Spinner**
Double hang with closet shoe shelves By Lazy Lee
Double Hang FS
Drawers and hanging with three sided shoe organizer By Lazy Lee
The Valet FS
Drawers and hanging with three sided closet shoe shelves By Lazy Lee
The Valet Built-In
Four sided rotating pantry storage by Lazy Lee that fits in corner
The Corner Pantry
Four sided rotating pantry storage by Lazy Lee that fits on wall
The Wall Pantry

* Exact number of shoes will depend on size and style of shoe and may vary from 80 - 228 pairs of adult shoes. Mens shoes usually require more space than womens.

** Configured for bathroom shelving and toilet paper storage, the Shoe Spinner holds 592 double rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. Exact number of rolls will vary depending on brand of toilet paper and roll size purchased.

The Shoe Spinner and Valet Built-in models are 911/2" in height and fit into either a 40" x 40" or 42" x 42" corner, depending on model. Baseboards will need to be removed in the corner where the Built-in models are located so they can sit flush against the wall. Our FS (Double Hang, Valet, Shoe Spinner) units are 89" high, do not require that baseboards be removed, and can be either integrated into a larger closet system or installed as free standing storage. The free standing units also require 40" or 42" floor space to spin easily.

The pantry models always include a "Built-In" cabinet. Two models are available for either a wall or corner installation. The Wall Pantry is 31.5"W x 26"D. The Corner Pantry is 32.75"W x 32.75"D. Both models stand 84" high.

Purchase the 360 Organizer® from your nearest Container Store!

On December 30, 2021, Closet Works became a proud part of The Container Store family. After focusing solely on creating custom spaces in Chicago for 35 years, we’re thrilled to gain a national presence. Not only will you be able to shop our custom solutions nationwide, including all models of the 360 Organizer®, but you’ll also discover many more clever storage solutions and in-home services available from The Container Store. It’s truly an exciting time for both our organization and our clients!

The 360 Organizer® is now part of The Container Store Preston line of closet accessories. Installation is available for most locations throughout the United States and more Container Stores carrying the 360 Organizer® are on the way. There are currently two ways to buy. Either visit your nearest Container Store to make a purchase or schedule an in-home visit with one of our professional closet designers. No matter which option you choose, you'll get the same high-quality rotating storage pioneered by the 360 Organizer® and Lazy Lee!