Media Center for Home Stereo System

entertainment center for home stereo system
The entertainment center cabinet was built to be centered with the speakers on the wall. The rest of the sound system is elegantly concealed in the cabinets with convenient slide-out shelves and a mesh speaker door for the sound to escape. The wall unit acts as a nice contrast to the light walls and becomes a great transitional accent piece in the home's overall interior design.

Home Entertainment Center: High Quality System for High Quality Sound

This entertainment center is one of a kind — an enchanting aesthetic meets top of the line functionality. The media center is fine-tuned to fully support a home stereo system with ideal and practical features such as a flip-down mesh speaker door, slide-out interior shelves, and easy access to electrical outlets. Outfitted in a sleek After Hours laminate, the design has a dark and distingushed look to match the high value and quality of the home's sound system.

mesh door for home stereo system speaker
A flip down mesh door allows sound to travel and acts as camouflage for the subwoofer.

Home Stereo System Cabinet Details

slide out entertainment center shelves
Slide-out shelves make it much easier to access the home stereo system.
media center interior shelves
The interior is customized to fit all electronics perfectly and in their proper places.
wall unit cabinetry built for home stereo system

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