Bing Spare Bedroom Wall Unit with Corner Shelves

Bedroom Built-In with Angled Corner Shelves

Spare Bedroom Wall Unit & Entertainment Center

Bedroom built-in wall unit with angled corners
Notice how the shelves on the end of this wall unit are triangle shaped. This provides a softer edge to the unit as it melds into the wall. It also allows for a better transition to the narrow hallway that leads to the sleeping/TV viewing area. The center of system and corner shelves are both backed by white laminate. The left side provides an alcove for the TV.

This wall unit for a spare bedroom offers generous storage. One benefit of custom bedroom built-ins is that they can be easily made to adapt to the available space. The triangular corner shelves are clipped on this example to maximize the narrow bedroom walkway. Angled corner shelves like these are a great way to provide additional storage without intruding on the open space of the hallway. They also provide an additional measure of and safety from hazardous sharp corners. The cunit is fully backed, providing more of a furniture look. The crown and base moulding reinforce the transitional style of the piece. The left corner was left open. Directly accross from the bed, it's the perfect to accommodate a large television. A grommet in the panel of the shelf provides additional space for a cable box, VCR, or other media component to easily plug into the TV. Additional shelves offer space for reading material. Guests are certain to feel welcome in this home. They can enjoy a little oasis of privacy while watching television or other media from the seclusion of this thoughtfully furnished guest room.

Bedroom Built-In Details

Large bedroom built-in with angled corner shelves
Corner shelves are perfect when accommodating narrow entryways
Wall unit includes cabinets, shelves, and a space for a TV
Wall unit provides plenty of storage for spare bedroom and can be used as media center with space for a television

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