Wall of Bookshelves Surround Patio Door & Frame River View

Built In Bookshelves

Built in bookshelves have traditionally been a popular way to increase storage and decorate your home at the same time. They provide abundant space for storing books and similar items, while also offering a place to display personal mementoes and artwork. This wall of bookshelves includes lower base cabinets on either side of the sliding patio doors. Painted, all-wood doors cover the cabinets, while laminate was used for the wall unit structure and shelves. Traditional wood shoe moulding creates a lip and covers the front edge of each wood shelf, giving the appearance of bookshelves that are completely constructed from solid wood. Fluted panels outline the shelving and present an elegant aesthetic. Wood crown moulding, also painted white like the cabinet doors, completes the look. This combination of wood components in front with laminate for the less visible structure gives the premium appearance of an all-wood system, with the cost savings of building in less expensive laminate. Traditional style choices, such as the raised panel door fronts and crown moulding that extend the wall unit to the ceiling, complement the homeowner's French country décor. The built in shelving frames the doorway and million dollar view like a trellis. This creative shelving idea adds practicality and decorative personalization to this urban condominium. The construction is similar to building a wall unit as a fireplace surround, but the focal point is the patio door and its spectacular view of the Chicago River. This unique bookshelf customization around the sliding glass doors distinguishes this unit from its neighbors, which should come in handy when it comes time to sell.

Wall of bookshelves surround patio door
This floor-to-ceiling shelving system surrounds a sliding glass patio door which leads onto a balcony. This unique use of built in bookshelves acts a storage system, frame for the doorway, and a place to customize the home with artwork and personal memorabilia. The wall unit draws attention to the patio door and the beautiful view of the river available from this condo unit. The depth of the bookcase creates a visual portal to the outdoors and bustling activity along the riverfront. The vertical flutes that outline the open shelving areas create an even greater sense of weight and importance to the overall structure of the shelving system, while the white color simultaneously lightens the unit and prevents it from becoming overwhelming.

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