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Modern Design Meets Functional Storage in This Commercial Cabinet Woodworking Network Magazine November 2018

Sue Trainor of Closet Works was recently interviewed by Woodworking Network regarding one of her recent storage projects. The client was Chicago Academic Tutoring and Test Prep. Chicago Academic tapped into Sue's expertise to solve a storage problem with the company's office supplies. Sue's unconventional solution took advantage of the only available space in the office — a public restroom.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any room in his office or other "typical" locations for any extra cabinets. He did, however, have a large public restroom and wanted to build a storage space in the bathroom toilet area. He wanted a cabinet that would almost blend into the wall, creating a very modern look to coordinate with the tile and rest of the décor, while minimizing the existence of the storage cabinet, if not hiding it altogether.
Additionally, there were plumbing issues and handicap accessibility requirements that needed to be taken into consideration. Her final design, titled "Disappearing Storage Cabinet," makes the whole complicated project appear simple and easy.

The bathroom cabinet opened to reveal storage possibilities
Closet Works featured in the November 7, 2018 issue of Woodworking Network Magazine

Combo Laundry and Mudroom Brings Organization to the Back Door Woodworking Network Magazine October 2018

Gerry Ayala of Closet Works was recently interviewed by Woodworking Network regarding one of his recent storage projects. A home with a rear entry that connects the garage to the house was rennovated to streamline activities for all family members, making it easier to keep everyone organized. A traditional coat closet was removed and the space was reallocated for use as a mud room hall tree/lockers. New laundry room cabinetry was installed to improve efficiency and give the entire space a coordinated look. The family was very pleased with Gerry's efforts:

No one from this busy household will ever be late for an appointment due to an inability to find their matching shoe! Shoes go directly underneath each family members jacket. I also included a basket with the shelf above the coat hooks for keeping keys, wallets and small things — making it simple to find them as you're dashing out the door. I backed each family member's cubby with Shaker-inspired beadboard. It lends a friendly, informal feeling and coordinates seamlessly with the cabinetry from the kitchen located next door.

Mudroom and laundry storage organizers
Closet Works featured in the October 10, 2018 issue of Woodworking Network Magazine

Designer Dialogue Closets Magazine September 2018

Three award-winning designers, including Sue Tinker of Closet Works, share their perspectives on how to balance the art of design versus the business of design. In the words of Closets Magazine, this article is about:

Three top closet designers share their thoughts on a variety of issues arising in the day-to-day operations of a closets firm. All three were participants on the "Designer Dialogue" panel during the 2018 Cabinets & Closets Conference.

Closet Works featured in the September 2018 issue of Closets Magazine

A Curated Closet Lakeshore Living Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Article featuring excerpts by Closet Works designer, Sue Tinker, on how to “Maximize Your Space”. In the words of Lakeshore Living Magazine, this article is about:

Nine essential tips for handling closet chaos, bringing in organization and keeping the clutter at bay. In your home, do closets tend to be afterthought areas? Perhaps they're the spaces that don't receive a lot of aesthetic attention and are simply places to hang clothes or store rarely-used items. Remedy that through these nine tips in which experts weigh in, giving your closets some much needed attention.

Ten Closet Designers On Top of Their Game: Woodworking Network article by national Top Shelf Award Judge Denise Butchko

National author, trainer and industry expert Denise Butchko interviewed ten of the world's top closet designers, including Tim Higbee and Sue Tinker of Closet Works, in this fun, insightful article for Woodworking Network online magazine about the closet design business.

Closet works featured in Wood Working Network Magazine

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