Long, Narrow Pantry Design to Organize Deep Pantry with Sloped Ceiling Located Under Stairs

How to Organize Deep Pantry With an Under Stairs Pantry Shelving System

This long, narrow pantry with a partially sloped ceiling and raised floor was transformed from an awkward space into a beautifully functional pantry that suits the needs of a busy family. Utilizing one long wall for storage, Closet Works designed the system to become shorter as the ceiling lowers. This smaller area on the end became the perfect spot for a cookbook library and recipe organization. The raised platform on the floor is a handy spot to store larger accessories and seldom used equipment, like a bread machine or coffee urn. The rest of the system keeps the homeowner/chef organized through the inclusion of several specialized pantry organizers. A vertical tray organizer with a scalloped edge protects large flat items like broiler pans, trays, serving platters and cutting boards, while keeping them easily accessible. The pull-out pantry shelves should be on the "must-have" list for every cook. They keep all the small cans, bags, jars and "ones" easy to see so that the family knows what's on hand and can find items easily. The pull-out wire baskets are perfect for keeping delicate items like chips from being smashed, but are also a great way to store potatoes, onions and other root vegetables.

Organize deep pantry with sloped ceiling by using under stairs pantry shelving
Long, narrow space with sloped ceiling under stairs makes a perfect pantry

Narrow Pantry Cabinet Design Details

Organize deep pantry with narrow pantry shelves for space under stairs
Pull-Out Pantry Shelves & Pull-Out Wire Baskets
Vertical tray organizer for narrow pantry cabinet
Vertical Tray Organizer
angled ceiling with raised floor bed becomes perfect storage for oversize items
Angled Corner Storage

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