Basement Pantry Walk-In Pantry for Extra Kitchen Storage

Pantry closet system designed for compact space and small pantry cabinet
Underground pantry has illusion of being above ground with light and airy design. The design is a combination suspended and floor-based with customizations for every particular storage need.

Basement Pantry Becomes Storage Pantry for Kitchen

The clients live in a 1950's ranch style home that had an average-sized kitchen, but the limited storage space did not suit this kitchen amateur chef’s culinary needs. She needed more cabinets and countertops to keep all her food preparation gadgets organized in addition to more overall storage space for bulk foodstuffs. The home’s standard kitchen couldn’t accommodate any additional cabinetry or pantry storage shelves. Finding a solution meant that we had to look to the past as a way to solve their 21st century needs.

The subterranean room for the new pantry was created by the customer. A section of the original basement laundry room was sectioned off to make a dedicated pantry area for food and small appliance storage. We did a variety of revisions to this space to accommodate items the customer wanted to place in the area. Vertical tray dividers and open shelving for casserole dishes dominate the upper, suspended storage section. Heavy items like canned goods, beverages and potatoes are stored on the lower, floor-based storage shelves. Two corner cabinets received doors to hide small appliances and gallon size containers of vinegar, olive oil and other sundries, but the bulk of the storage is in the form of open shelving. This keeps all the foodstuffs visible. A long countertop divides the upper suspended shelving from the lower floor-based shelving. This gives the homeowner extra food prep space when cooking for large gatherings. We stuck to a white and light gray palette to keep the space feeling airy and bright. We purposely ended the upper shelves on the right side of the pantry so that the client would have room for her mirror-in-a-window frame. It was important to her to have the sensation of being able to look out of a window while working underground.

Basement Pantry Detail Views

basement walk in pantry with curved shelves
Pantry with expansive countertop for food prep
suspended upper shelving in walk in pantry
Suspended upper curved shelving
client decorated entrance to walk in pantry
Decorative entrance of basement pantry
curved design maximizes corners in small walk in space
Curved design maximizes corners
pantry customizations include curved shelving, baskets, and vertical dividers
Pantry design has many customized features
Pantry pull out chrome baskets for root vegetables
Pull-out chrome baskets for root vegetables
curved shelving fits custom baskets
Curved lower pantry shelving
basement pantry becomes extra kitchen storage
Pantry is an extension of kitchen storage
curved shelving and suspended shelving creates dynamic design
Combination floor-based and suspended pantry design
pantry has custom mirror to look like window
Pantry has illusion of being above ground with mirror window

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