Custom Pantry Organizer In Chicago

An organized pantry really is a "must have" for the pampered chef, aspiring "foodie" or short-order cook with a growing family. We provide custom pantry shelving ideas — including pull-out shelves and drawers — that fit your space and needs. Our solutions encompass everything from wall units that integrate into your existing kitchen space to complete rooms dedicated to custom pantry storage.

Types of Pantry Systems and Features

Closet Works offers a variety of pantry designs and systems, each with great features to increase usability and organization. Our options include:

  • Walk-in: For the ultimate custom pantry experience, the walk-in design allows you to step into a spacious area filled with cabinets, shelving and cubbies.
  • Reach-in: The reach-in design is perfect for areas with less square footage. This pantry setup is made to maximize storage, and it's easy to reach in and grab what you need.
  • Pantry cabinets and drawers: Featuring doors that neatly tuck items out of sight, cabinets and drawers can help a space look orderly and clean.
  • Shelving systems: A staple of any pantry, shelves allow for drink, food and other supplies to be on display and organized.

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Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

The beauty of a custom pantry design is that it creates optimal storage in an attractive and easy-to-use style. Even better, you don't have to be a professional pantry organizer to understand that order and design can make a kitchen more fun. In fact, here are a few tips that can help you stay on top of your pantry system, no matter its size and scope:

  1. Go shallow, if possible. Shallow shelves tend to work well in pantries in part because there's less space for items to get lost. Think about canned goods, boxed foods, etc. and how you want to be able to scan and see what you have each day. If you do have deeper shelves, try adding pull-out drawers so you can quickly and easily view the contents.
  2. Leave the bottom space empty. The floor of your pantry is the perfect place for stashing heavy boxes or containers of water, soda, etc. without too much hassle.
  3. Consider hooks. Hooks are a great way to use excess vertical space. Hang grocery bags, aprons, cleaning tools and more in a way that's orderly and easy to reach.
  4. Don't cut corners. If you're tempted to overlook the corners of a pantry, think again. There are custom organizers made specifically for corner spaces, such as our corner pantry closet or simple pantry for the corner closet.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Built-in Pantry

One of the best ways to upgrade a kitchen today is by adding a custom pantry. Here are a few reasons this is a smart choice for modern renovations:

Why Choose Closet Works for Your Custom Pantry Design

As a local, family-owned business with 30-plus years of experience, Closet Works is your resource for the best in custom-designed, fully functional kitchen pantries. Our catalog of quality products ensures you get only the finest components in your pantry. Likewise, we have a showroom where you can explore these products in person.

Unlike other closet and organization companies, Closet Works offers financing options as well as the complete management of your project. Rest easy knowing that you'll get a beautiful, usable pantry when you work with us.

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