From Drab to Fab: Matching His and Her Closets for High Rise

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horizontal wall bed design by closet works

Reach In Closet Makeovers

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The clients live on the 48th floor of a 35-year-old Chicago high rise with spectacular views, but limited storage space. The home features separate “his” and “hers” reach-in closets, but the storage was not working for them and couldn’t hold their extensive professional wardrobes. The condo was an extremely tight area to work in without much natural lighting. Both closets were equal in size and built in an odd L-shaped configuration, with hanging on one side and shelves on the other.

There were ceiling variances in both closets. The L-shaped closets were originally covered by two sets of bifold doors. The problem with them was that they had a lot of under-utilized dead space in the corner of the “L,” since the bifold doors tended to block access to the back corner of the closet. We needed to open up that space to increase the storage potential of this home. Additionally, each closet functions both as hallway plus storage space for the bedroom, so appearance was just as important as functionality. The clients wanted to keep the original L-shaped footprint of the closets, hiding all the clothes and maintaining the hallways as a place to display part of their art collection. They just needed the closet spaces to perform better. The main concept for the closet was to make the area brighter and appear larger.

By eliminating the bifold doors and maximizing the storage all the way to the back wall, we were able to triple the amount of storage in each of those closets. We put every inch of space to work, utilizing a combination of cabinets with shelves, drawers and hanging. Each closet is customized to its owner, although laid out in a similar manner. The longer section of each “L” is used for hanging and a shoe tower. The hanging area is now accessible all the way to the back wall, more than doubling the functionality of that space. The shorter base of each “L” was reconfigured into an attractive wardrobe closet with cabinet doors covering the upper shelving and several wide drawers below. “Her” closet features five drawers with velvet and acrylic jewelry drawer organizers. “His” closet includes three drawers, a tilt out hamper, plus a secret access panel to a small hidden storage space above the closet. The hamper bags lift out and the client uses the space behind the tilt hamper to store luggage. We also installed a closet lighting system in “his” closet to illuminate all the dark suits and sport coats. The LED undershelf lighting goes all the way to the back wall ensuring that it is easy to find and retrieve clothes stored back in the corner.

His Closet Details:

reach-in closet with custom LED lights for him
His side features cool LED lights
strip lighting for reach in closet
Strip lighting illuminates dark suit jackets
sliding mirror doors for his reach-in closet
Sliding mirror glass doors
l shaped closet configuration for his side
"L" shaped configuration for his side
secret door for hiding valuables in closet
Door compartment to protect valuables
synergy tilt out hamper for his side with luggage storage
Tilt out hamper with room behind for luggage storage
rolled tie organization in drawer
Expansive drawer for tie organization

Her Closet Details:

reach in closet layout for her side
"L" shaped configuration for her side
closet doors with mirror inserts for reach-in closet
Her side has mirror doors that open with 180 degree hinges
acrylic jewelry organizer for drawer
Jewelry organizer inserts with acrylic dividers
reach-in closet designed for her
View of her side expansive closet storage
easy reach-in closet organization
Reach-in design has easy access to garments
deep storage in reach-in closet for her
View showing deep storage for her clothing
shelves for accessory storage in reach-in closet design
Shelves for purse storage and accessory organization

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