Built-In Closet for Small Bedroom

Flexible closet design creates a place for childhood treasures.

built-in closet for small bedroom with custom dresser

Children's closets present special challenges. Although most child closets aren't very large, kids usually have a lot of stuff — and most of it isn't clothing. A small child generally needs more storage for toys, dolls, and games than they do for apparel. But the space needs to be flexible because these needs change rapidly as they grow. Budgets are usually tight when it comes to a child's closet.

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This closet presented all of those challenges. It's part of a small bedroom that belongs to a little girl. The space was manageable as long as she's in a child size bed pushed against the wall. However, the parents wanted more storage for toys with the possibility of being able to remove the dressers from the bedroom later on to make room for a different/larger bed. The closet needed to provide more storage for this to happen.

We decided to remove the closet doors and place a built-in dresser with a mirror and overhead cabinets in the center of the closet opening. Hanging space was moved into the deep returns on either side of the closet. This change opened up the room and immediately made it seem larger. The twelve drawers provide ample space for small, folded clothes and blankets. Most drawers are currently being used for toy storage. Later, they can accommodate garments for an older, larger child. The visible shelves are all covered by doors so that the appearance of clutter is eliminated. A triple hang clothing section fits in one return and double hang in the other.

Construction Details:

Detail views of built-in closet for small bedroom

Fully bored panels for adjustable shelving for kids closet
Triple hang section in left closet return.
Double hang section in right closet return
Double hang section in right closet return.

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