Reach-In Closet Systems In Chicago

Reach-in closets, also called wall closets, are the standard storage solution for most homes. Reconfiguring the insides of those closets with custom built organization systems can double your available storage space, as well as make things easier to find. Transform your closet from a chaotic cluttered mess to your own luxurious, personal organized sanctuary. Our team works directly with you to discover your ideas and specific needs, then fashions them carefully into well-crafted design solutions. No matter what size your space — from simple designs to elaborate systems — Closet Works has you covered.

Customize All Your Bedroom and Hall Closets

Although they lack the glamour of their larger sibling, the walk-in, reach-in closet designs are the backbone of every home storage strategy. Whether used in an entryway, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen or other space, these small closets that are recessed about 24-inches into the wall are tasked with organizing most of our possessions. This can be a tall order for what is often a tiny space unless you use custom closet organizers to help.

Upgrade Your Reach-In Closet Solutions

Although a reach-in closet is the everyday "standard" closet, it can be outfitted with luxurious features and reach-in closet organizers that elevate its function to the level of a walk-in. This means it does not have to remain the way the builder left it — usually with a single rod and wire shelf. A reach in closet can be lavishly appointed.

Get rid of the old wire shelf and rod. If you're tight on storage space or simply want more amenities in your closet, you may want to upgrade to a custom reach-in closet design:

  • Increased home value: Boost the resale value of your home and make it stand out on the market by offering prospective buyers custom reach-in closets.
  • Fit more into the closet while making it look like less: Double your storage by eliminating wasted space. A well-designed custom closet simply holds more. Keeping a custom closet organized requires less effort so it always looks neat.
  • Luxurious amenities: Built-in drawers, cabinets, hampers, sliding racks, multiple shelves, hooks and rods can increase the appearance and storage capacity of this type of closet to the point where you may not even what to cover it with a door.

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Choose Closet Works for Custom Reach-In Closets in Chicago

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Closet Works is the local, family-owned business you can trust. We're not only the largest closet organization company in Chicagoland, we're also the one constantly striving for innovation. Our projects have been singled out for numerous industry awards. And our service is second to none.

On top of that, we have a local showroom where you can explore possibilities for inspiration. Plus, we offer financing and are willing to customize every aspect of the process in order to give you what you want. Reach out anytime to learn more.

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