The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner Rotating Shoe Closet

Storage for Footwear & So Much More!

A Revolving Shoe Rack & Shoe Closet Organizer With Room for Up to 200 Pairs* of Shoes in a Small 40" x 40" Footprint!

Over time, your shoe collection is going to grow, which means you're going to need more space in your closet. Whether you're looking for a shoe carousel, shoe shelves for the closet or another kind of closet shoe organizer in Chicago, Closet Works offers a variety of organization solutions.

The Shoe Spinner Model Shoe Closet:

    360 rotating shoe organizer shown on Rock the Block with Alison Victoria
  • Unique 360 degree revolving shoe storage solution to maximize storage capabilities in any corner
  • Consists of all shelving to maximize the storage of shoes, purses and folded clothing items
  • Each closet shoe shelf is fully adjustable to accommodate different heights of items stored
  • Adjustable shelves are 24"W x 5-7/8"D (7 shelves) and 28-3/8"W x 6-1/14"D (16 shelves)
  • System height of 89" high fits into a 40" x 40" corner
  • 360 Degree system rotation is achieved by manually rotating the system
  • Completely customizable shoe closet organizer
  • Use it as a freestanding shoe closet, or integrate it into a larger system
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available as a free standing unit or built into a more elaborate closet system
  • Can also be configured as rotating bathroom shelving**

* Exact number of shoes that will fit depends on size and style of shoe.

** Configured as a Toilet Paper Spinner it holds 592 double rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. Exact number of rolls will vary depending on brand of toilet paper and roll size purchased.


revolving shoe rack
Note: The sample above is shown with 87 pairs of shoes. The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner can hold up to 200 pairs of shoes depending on size and style of shoe. Additional shelves may be required to achieve 200 pairs.
The 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner Free Standing Model360 rotating shoe closet shown on Rock the Block by Alison Victoria

Choose Either Free Standing or Built-In Models to Suit Any Shoe Closets Storage Need

A shoe shelf organizer can be a great solution to cluttered spaces. Perfect for any upgrade, custom closet shoe storage can boost your room aesthetics and help ease the stress of finding just the right pair of shoes every day.

Closet Works' 360 rotating shoe closet, as seen on a popular home remodeling television show, can eliminate dead corner space, replace traditional closets and doesn't need to be limited to the bedroom. The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner can be used independently throughout the home or implemented as part of a larger closet organizing system.

The 360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner Rotating Shoe Closet is Available in a Full Range of Color Choices

Shoe storage systems are available in a variety of styles and materials, with additional accessories to match. Check our colors page to view swatches of all the available colors.

Closet Works has designed closets in Chicago for more than 30 years. As a family-owned business, excellence and great customer service are of the utmost importance. Our products are made from high quality materials, ensuring you get the best experience and system we have to offer.

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